Friday, August 19, 2011

Hard Decisions

Ye Gads. It never rains but it freaking pours.

When I first started with the department I had aspirations. Dreams of doing things and going somewhere. Maybe E-Squad or Search Team. Maybe Sergeant or Lieutenant or maybe even Captain before I retired.

I quickly found out that E-Squad isn't my thing. Nothing against those guys. It just isn't my thing. And the Search Team is mostly nothing but an institutional joke.

And the pay raise from COI to Sergeant only adds up to about an extra $37.50 per month. Not a whole lot of incentive for the headaches that you inherit when you promote. And those stupid Smokey Bear hats they make sergeants wear....

Even someone who looks awesome in hats the way I do would have a hard time looking good in one of those things.

So I said for years that I was fine where I was. I could probably retire as a COI and be happy there.

Until today, anyway.

Rumor has it that they are opening up a bunch of new Sergeant positions before the end of the year. Lieutenant Farmer came down and was telling us about them and kept pointing at me and hinting very loudly at me. Enough that it was making me nervous.

After that a couple of other people, including Mr Toad who I don't really like all that much and I didn't think liked me either, said "You should go for it. I think you'd make a good Sergeant."

So now I'm thinking about it. I don't really want the headaches and I'm sure I'd spend at least six months on midnight shift, which would really suck.

The two things I said I would never ever really want to do.... Work the Control Center and promote. I've already committed to one and now I'm thinking about the other.

Where the hell is my mind?

I don't know. I've got some thinking to do. I'll probably go ahead and put my name on the register and maybe even go for an interview just to see how badly I do.

But I'll be a nervous wreck.

Tomorrow is Finally Friday (yay!) and it's going to be Potato Day, Aviation Day, Root Beer Float Day and World Humanitarian Day as well as Men's Grooming Day.

Men's Grooming Day. I sure hope that means they groom themselves.


  1. If you're a sgt would you still have to have direct contact with the guests?

  2. Tough decision for sure.
    Make "the list" - pros and cons (no pun intended) and then really visualize the work - the ups and downs.

    Twenty-seven years of sitting opposite all walks of life I can safely say, money doesn't by happiness. So take money out of the equation.

    Then ask yourself this: Will I wake up dreading going to work and hating my job? (not sure if that's on the current list but needs to be on the new list)
    Will this position make me enjoy what I'm doing more than I do now?
    Really, Rev, do it if it will make a difference in your own life and outlook. After that everything else will fall in place.

    Sorry about the rambling...maybe you weren't really asking more just venting, but given the rabbit hole I'm in I thought, just for you, I'd surface and throw out this thought.

    Good luck - you'll do the right thing!

  3. Oops...that would be "buy" happiness...not "by" - too early, not enough coffee...

  4. Have to agree with Pearson Rpt. Think about whether you'd dread getting out of bed every day to go to work (more so that you do now!) Would it be worth the extra money? My husband just took a pay cut because he hated how his job was making him feel every day. Not that we're struggling, but making the most money as possible just isn't a priority. Enjoying our time here while we're here is what's important. Okay, enough seriousness, I'm getting itchy!

  5. As I told you earlier today, I think you would make an awesome Sergeant. You are very well respected by staff, both supervisors and subordinates. Putting on a "White Shirt" doesn't mean you have to change who you are, or how you do your job. You've been supervising staff "unofficially" for years. They come to you for advice and guidance and trust you to tell them the truth, good or bad. That's what makes a good leader...and speaking from my point of view...we need more good LEADERS! It's your decision to make, just know you'll have my support either way you choose!

  6. Joe- Oh yeah. There's no avoiding the little darlings. I'd still be around them all of the time. Probably even more so than I am now!

    Jenny- I don't think it would make me hate my job. Sure, I would probably get stuck on midnights for awhile and that would suck but there's always openings on third shift and i could get back in six months. And for the most part, the job wouldn't really be all that different than the one I have now. I could end up stuck in a place that aggravates the heck out of me but I run the same risk now. And I'm glad you popped out of the rabbit hole for me! ;->

    Lolamouse- It isn't the money. Not really. It's thinking that i might have a little more swing to maybe keep things from going bad now and then that is the draw. Like trying to learn to work the Control Center. I'll be one more brick in the wall between us and them. Or something like that.

    Peggy Sue- I'm going to spend some time this weekend and get all my dates and paperwork in order and talk it over with the wife on Sunday when she comes back home. I think I'm gonna do it.

  7. Oh no you are thinking of going to the Dark Side!!!??? Haha just kidding. I would follow you anywhere homey. Even through the med line hordes of zombie like wobble heads. Good luck buddy. Maybe you will be four house sgt after Sgt Duck leaves. Which may be soon I think.
    My word was WEDURRAT.....Wetter rat. Something you find in the New York sewer systems and many inmate cells.

  8. Or you could get lucky like some of new sargents and keep the same shift. Which you just may not have the Tata's for that. Lol