Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Are Not Freaking Twins!!!

You would think that as long as I have been down there in the Hive, people would have figured out who I am by now. The only one on our shift who has been there longer than me is BG and everybody knows who he is and doesn't mistake him for anybody else....... ever.

But almost every time I walk into a wing, some knucklehead calls me KP! And some of the staff are doing it, too!

Granted, we do look a bit alike. We are both about the same age and build. The same salt and pepper hair, glasses and the same cheesy mustache. I can see that, from a distance, how the mistake could be made. Except that I am almost always wearing a very cool fitted hat and KP never wears one.

Hey, I'm just one of those people who looks really good in hats. Some people have it, and some don't.

Pay attention to the details, folks!

And Chucky looks nothing like either one of us. He's tall and slender and walks like he has a purpose in life rather than sauntering like I do and when he smiles his eyes squinch up like he's turning chinese or something.

Even if he does wear a hat and have a mustache.

On they way out tonight that whirling dervish of a man Vinnie taps on the window and calls Chucky over to the chuck hole (how fitting was that??) and says "Hey, if you got glasses, you two could be twins!"

What the........ Hey now!

I suspect that one or the other of us may just have been insulted. When I figure out who I'll let you know.

I am not KP. I am not Chucky. I am...... wait a minute.... let me check my name tag. I forget.

Aw, heck with it. As long as my paycheck has the right name on it, I'm cool with that.

P.S. I forgot to post last night. I was off work to go to an awards ceremony for my daughter at the high school. I'm getting forgetful in my old age. it seems.

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