Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bubble Time....

I guess it had been long enough. I had forgotten how much I just don't like running the bubble. I'm sure glad I didn't bid on that spot. I thought about it, but I didn't.

Miz Maybe had found herself to be physically inconvenienced and had to go home. I stepped up there in the interim, just so she could go as quickly as possible and found myself there for the duration.

My fault, entirely. I could have stuck one of the ensuing flock of utility officers they pressed on us during the evening up there. But I figured I took it so I might as well ride it out.

And it wasn't very long before I started to remember all of the things that used to drive me completely batsh*t when I worked the bubble.

1. The other staff will always time their questions over the intercom when you are halfway down the stairs to the bathroom.

2. The intercom doesn't work if you aren't there to push the button. So no matter how loud you yell "Hold on! I'm in the freaking bathroom!!!", they cannot hear you and will keep shouting their questions.

3. They will all be seated in the office until the very second that your butt hits the chair, at which point everyone will leave the office and run in all directions.

4. Med pass and rec will never ever be in the same wing at the same time. They are always at opposite ends of the house so you have to run back and forth and hope that you don't get confused about which door you are opening in which wing.

5. If you stick your head out the door to smoke, a lieutenant will walk up. And if you get relief to actually step out and smoke, your relief won't know how to open the doors so you'll have to go back in anyway.

And I have discovered that the only thing worse than being on a diet or being in the bubble is being on a diet in the freaking bubble. I always get fidgety up there and want to be snacking on something and tonight I brought a minimal amount of food because I need to lose some weight.

If anybody asks, that just really really sucked.

But I think I probably ran off a few pounds up there tonight. They kept me hopping.

And hopefully it will be many a long taco before I have to experience that again.

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