Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stepped Into A Hornets Nest!

Hoo boy. Stepped right into the hornets nest today. What a mess!

Chucky and I got there and they were doing releases and the PRC board (for those treatment guys) and there were three or four lockups on the walk and all I could see was two open beds.

Luckily, Peggy Sue and her crew took a few of them back to the treatment house so we had places to put the lockups in. I could have smooched her right on the lips for that.

So Chucky threw down with the lockups and releases and I set to trying to get the files made and the numbers and boards to match.

That turned out to be a bigger job than I had anticipated. One or two of the caseworkers had decided to be nice and refile the folders that they had taken out. The only problem was that they paid absolutely no attention to what they were doing. A, B, and D wings only have two offenders in each cell and C-wing only has one. When I went to look for the files I needed I found five files in B-25 and three files in C-18! And where were the files for the guys that they had released?

Well, they put them back in the cabinet, of course. In the wrong places. The two from A-wing were in D-wing and the one from D-wing was in B-wing and the one from D-wing was on the desk.

That was the only file that was in the right place.

Holy crap.

Sgt Banty and I spent the best part of an hour trying to get everything back in order, but it was still another hour before it was all back ship shape again.

And after it was all said and done I think we were left with two open beds. I sure hope alot of inmates transfer out tomorrow so I can have some space to work with.

And if some people don't start coming back to work on a regular basis we are going to run into some serious problems!

P.S. Drew- It wasn't broken but definitely sprained. You are so lucky. Quit playing so rough.


  1. Sweetheart...You can smooch me any time you want! Oh...wait...That's probably against the new "Harassment" thingy I just signed. Of course, so are the hugs I always get. They're taking away ALL our fun!

  2. I have to remember that you old fogies are fragile.

  3. Peggy Sue- Sssshh! It will be our little secret. Besides, the other guys will get jealous!

    Drew- You are vulnerable too, young jedi. I know where all of your internal organs reside. And a few of the external ones as well.