Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guess What We Got?

Yeah, a big long pointy one and it wasn't put in a place to be easily removed, either!

Chucky and I get in today and the office looks like a paper tornado has struck. Files and crap everywhere. I think they had thirteen lockups on day shift and they were still scrambling trying to get things straightened out. Sgt Banty was pulling out his last two hairs so we jumped in to help.

That was nothing but a thing. I'm getting to be fairly competent with the files and the paperwork. I think, anyway. They are always willing to let me jump in and do it. Maybe they just like to watch me work. I dunno.

Then Sgt Miz P comes down and tells me that KP has been pulled out of the Hive under investigation over his last use of force. They tell me there are some "discrepancies" between what he and Drew wrote and what they saw on the video tape.

I don't see it. KP is a stand up kind of guy and he has actually gotten us out of a few uses of force where I would have just bulled on in and planted someone. I'm impatient like that.

Sp KP is out and I'm sure that means that Drew is out as well.

Oh..... snap.

Right after I found out that happy news we got slapped with five transfers off the bus. Right in the middle of doing med pass and feeding dinner to the critters. So Windows and the new guy were off doing med pass and Chucky and I started throwing the new arrivals in cells just as fast as we could trying to get done so we could feed the rest of them.

Then they call and have us recount our workers.

Then they call and have them all sent back to their houses so the whole camp could recount.

And just as that is getting done a fire alarm goes off in A-Dining and they have to evacuate the building.

I almost asked aloud "What next?" but thought better of it.

So, tomorrow we are going to have a utility Sarge and two utilities on the floor and me and Chucky on rec. And frankly, no disrespect to the guy they sent us tonight (he was okay, if a bit green), but they haven't been sending us the cream of the crop on utilities of late.

I didn't even want to look at the chrono to see who was going to be there. I'll just wait and be surprised.

I'm still mad as hell about KP and Drew. It's all B.S. if you ask me, but nobody ever asks me.

Tomorrow is going to suck, I just know it.


  1. Jeewhiz... Here we go. I'd better bring a lunch. I mean, d***. I could spit. We didn't do anything wrong.

  2. Drew- And I forgot to put in there that Sgt Miz P is bidding out and going to the wobblehead house and Sgt LB is going to be out all week. Add that to the fact that you two are going to be out is going to leave us in a hell of a pickle. It's crap crap crap! Snap!

  3. Any idea what we did, or what they think we did?

  4. Drew- I dunno. They said that the video didn't match the report. They forget that the video isn't perfect and is no replacement for being there.

  5. Drew will be there. He never touched the guy so he is cleanand according to the BIG OFFICE he will stay in the house.

  6. I watched the whole thing go down KP. You didn't do anything to warrant an investigation. I stand by you 100%.

  7. Drew and KP- I guess that's at least some good news. The whole thing is crap if you ask me.