Sunday, April 18, 2010

Like A Virgin......

While I was at home slacking off and making chairs our very own Drew went and got his use of force cherry busted! And I just couldn't have picked anybody better than KP to take it from him without leaving permanent scars.

Seems that while some knucklehead was out on rec they searched his cell and discovered he had jimmied the cover off of his window. And when they went to bring him back in, there was something clutched in his hand. When KP tried to get him to give up the item (turned out to be nothing more than a small bag of tobacco) he tried to toss it under another cell door and then got frisky with them.

Well, as you can imagine, that didn't turn out to well for said knucklehead. He ended up face down on Mr Concrete with several hundred pounds of pissed off CO on top of him. And he was issued a spate of conduct violations just to round out his evening.

Good job, lads!

And Drew?

I hope KP was gentle with you......

Hee hee hee!


  1. Will you still respect me in the morning?

  2. Its always said...not IF you get im an U.O.F. but WHEN. Congrats to Drew, couldn't have happened to a more deserving knucklehead(the inmate). I asked the knucklehead what he did to get a squishing, but he didn't want to talk about it. Only kept saying that the window was like that when he moved into that cell and that he reported it to the midnight Sgt. YEA RIGHT !!!!!!