Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Haven't Been Slacking!

I got so busy this weekend that I forgot I was going to post some pics. I drug all of the chairs I had finished out of the shop and lined them up under the big maple tree in the back yard for a photo op.

Looked like we were planning a family reunion or something out there. I'm kind of glad we weren't. We would have needed alot more food and several more chairs. Of all sizes.

So it was just me out there grabbing a moment to relax. Sitting in my "Papasan" chair.

That big sucker is made out of all 2x4's instead of the 1x4's like the others. Had to glue two of them together for the arms and the side supports. But it is sturdy as hell and weighs about fifty pounds as opposed to the maybe twenty pounds of the other ones.

I like it, tho. I have the pieces of a second Papasan chair all cut and stained and waiting to be put together down in the shop spread all over the table. Just waiting for some extra time to put it together.

I also built a prototype of an adirondack footstool that I am going to make.

This one was just rough and unroutered and unsanded but I didn't expect it to turn out at all, so I guess that's not too bad. Once I realized it was going to work, I went ahead and cut the pieces to make two finished ones so this next weekend I'll turn out a couple of them. Now I just make one to fit the Papasan chair and I'll be in business.

Next weekend, if the weather is nice, I'm going to set the whole kit and caboodle out in the front yard and stick "For Sale" signs on them and see if I can clear out some room and make me enough money for wood to make some more. I had someone that was going to come by yesterday and buy a couple of chairs but they *ahem* didn't show up. Hmph. Hopefully next weekend I can get rid of at least a few of them and make some room.

And, of course, each one will be bearing my new logo:
So, just so you don't think I sit here and play Mafia Wars and Castle Age all weekend. I actually do manage to drag my sorry carcass out of my chair now and then to do a few things.

You need any chairs?


  1. Nice work. Are they natural or are you going to finish them somehow?

  2. Guy- They all have a coat of penetrating stain of one type or another on them. The small ones have been clear-coated but that's too much work for the big ones.

  3. The Canadian ReaderApril 24, 2010 at 11:20 AM

    When are you going to make the rocker versions?

    Adirondack/Muskoka chairs border on being a tradition in "cottage" country here which pushes the price way up.

    If you are lucky you can find the chairs at under $200.00, a rocker, maybe at $300.00. Oh and the hand painted ones with scenery and stuff on them, wow, I would need to win the lottery.

    Saw a few last summer, beautiful lake images with loons, they were $499.00 each, and yes people are buying them.

    I love them, they can just be a tad difficult to get out of if you've been having a few beverages *winks*

  4. Canadian Reader- I tried to make a rocker, but it wasn't a good design. It tended to tip you out forward. I have to figure out a new curve but when I do I'll have a couple ready. I'm going to have to raise my prices way up, it seems. I sold the two cedar chairs and when it was all said and done it turned out I had lost money. Pfui. Ah well. Live and learn. Think I'm going to stick to the plain pine ones from now on. Easier to work with. If I knew someone who could paint landscapes, I might try a few like that. But I don't really have any artistic talent.