Sunday, April 25, 2010

Most Stressful?

Today on the front page of Yahoo! they had a link to a story that CNBC wrote about the ten most stressful jobs in America today.

If you want to read it, the link is here.

You will note that when you read it, working in a prison is not mentioned anywhere.

Number one is firefighter and I have to give them that one. That's not a job I would want. And police officers and state patrolmen are listed as well. I wouldn't want their jobs either.

But then, that is what most people say about my job.

I even had an inmate say that to me tonight. He said "I never give you guys no trouble. I respect what you do. It takes a special breed of person to put up with the abuse you take. I couldn't do it."

If your ten year old son walked up to you and said "When I grow up, I want to work in a prison!" What would you do? How would you react?

Most people would smack him in the head and shout "Are you stupid? Go to your room! You are grounded until you are fifty!"

I imagine any job could be highly stressful. I even imagine being Hugh Hefner has its blood pressure moments.

But I'll bet he wouldn't trade with me.


We all cope with stress in our own little ways. Tonight I spent half an hour annoying everybody else in the office with a blue handball I found in the mailbox. And I discovered I can bounce a ball and carry a cup of coffee at the same time and not lose track of either one of them.

Good thing, too. Otherwise this post would have been titled "Hey! That Coffee Was Hot!!!"

Hee hee hee!

I blog and make stupid jokes and build furniture. And play Castle Age and Mafia Wars. And talk to my dog alot. She doesn't understand, but she's a good listener.

I would defy any of those advertising executives or public relations people to do my job and not get extremely stressed out the first time somebody offered to rape their children and then threw poop on them.

You just don't get that kind of social interaction in a cubicle.

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