Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fighting Idiocy

I imagine if I were on the campus of an ivy-league college amidst the best and the brightest listening to them spout Proust and discuss Kant and Hegel and n-space geometry I would feel pretty much like a dunce.

Hell, I had to look half of those names up just to make sure I was talking about the right people and spelling their names correctly.

But working at the prison often makes me feel like Albert freaking Einstein.

Here's a typical conversation I get to listen to several times a day:

Inmate 1: "Hey Dawg! Wha'sup?"

Inmate 2: "Not sh*t Dawg! Wha'sup wichoo?"

Inmate 1: "Not sh*t. Wha'choo doin'?"

Inmate 2: "Nuttin' man. Wha'choo doin'?"

Inmate 1: "Nuttin'. Wha'sup?"

Etc.... etc..... etc.... ad nauseum.

It's no wonder that we spend so much time with each other playing word games and doing puzzles and making up bad puns. Our brains are actually fighting back against the stupidity that permeates this place.

The stupid and crazy leaks out of these guys like the sticky crap on the floor of a movie theater. And the only real weapon we have to combat it is our brains. So we try to keep them limber and well oiled to keep ourselves sharp.

And that's really all I have to say about that subject right now. I've had a headache that has lasted all damn day and not having KP in the house to keep me entertained and challenged didn't help any. The guy they sent down in his place wasn't what you would call a brilliant conversationalist.

So I have taken my meds and another round of tylenol and I am going to bed.

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