Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I didn't mean to scare anybody...... honest.

I just thought it should be brought to someones attention.

Right outside of the back of the prison is a public road. People can drive by and see the inmates on the yard doing..... well, let's not get in to that.

On one end of the road is a P&P office and on the other end is the county sheriffs office and jail. I'm sure us being so handy and all saves the state oodles in transportation.

It's like one stop shopping for all of your antisocial and felonious needs.

(And the Rev roooooollls his eyes)

But on three sides we are surrounded by an outer road that is state property and not for the general public.

On occasion someone gets lost and has to be directed back off of the property.

My rec yard is out back and we have a pretty good view of two sides of the prison. Once or twice we have called in to report strange vehicles or people out on the outer road.

Like tonight.

A pickup truck pulled onto the outer road, drove along for about 25 yards and stopped. The driver (who I couldn't see very well) was just sitting in the truck looking through the fence. After a few seconds he started to make me a little nervous so I called the P-Car on our side and told him there was a truck on the outer road and he should go check it out.

What I got back from the control center was "10-9?! 10-9 your last transmission!!!"

So I repeated myself. Wondering why they sounded so panicky.

Apparently since I was back behind the Hive they weren't picking me up well and didn't hear all of what I had to say. I had to repeat myself again and once more on channel two before they understood me.

It seems it was just the power plant guy driving around and checking things out. Supposedly he does that now and then. Hell, I didn't know that. I figured it was something they might want to know.

It's a good thing they finally heard me clearly and we got things straightened out. I would have felt bad if someone had gotten fidgety and shot him by accident.

Maybe I should just tend to my own knitting. I don't seem to share the same priorities as everybody else.


  1. better to have tried and tossed than never to have tried at all?

    i mean really if you hadn't and someone had tried a break or something like that, ya would have felt bad too.

    might have been one of those darned if ya do and darned if ya didn't kind of situation.
    loopy just trying to make ya feel better

  2. Loopy- I half expected them to get crabby with me about it. But they didn't. They just didn't hear me well. No biggie.

    And you always make me feel better.