Thursday, March 4, 2010


It was another one of those nights.

I'll bet you get tired of hearing that, don't you?

I sure get tired of writing it.

I'm not exactly sure what is going on (I have my suspicions) but in the last three days nearly everybody in A-wing has checked in from everybody else in A-wing.

It got so bad tonight that they had to call me in from the rec yard to help KP put one up while Drew (the new guy whom I refuse to call Purple Sh*t) sat on another one in the office while Sgt LB was dealing with yet a third in B-wing.

And I wouldn't be half surprised if tomorrow most of those ones we had moved were moved once again.

But then, I won't be there tomorrow so I won't have to deal with it. But my crew will. And our job is hard enough without these knuckleheads playing their games.

Hell, I'll just lay it right out in the open. In the last few days we have gotten several of the "girls" in the Hive. The easy, prissy ones who talk funny and like to waggle their hips at the boys. And whenever the number of "girls" in the house gets very high, suddenly everybody wants a room move.

And guess where they all secretly want to end up? Funny innit?

But if you came out and called them on it to their faces, they would deny that they are the least bit gay and get all huffy about it.

But they aren't really fooling anybody.

So we will just keep moving them around and trying our level best to keep them from getting what they want. Because we have to. And just a little because it's fun to frustrate them when we can.

I deal off the bottom of the deck whenever I can get away with it.


  1. Drew, eh. That will do. It's pretty descriptive. What a weird night. At least you didn't mention Roosters and your weekly cardio.

  2. Drew- I figgered it was better than PS. And that was probably only a four on the Hive weirdness scale. I just couldn't go there with the other bit. Too many words I couldn't use in my blog without adding asterisks, if you know what I mean.