Thursday, March 25, 2010

And Two For Flinching!

I just knew that paperwork from last night was going to come back to haunt me. I have never ever gotten through a use of force like that without having to do the whole packet. I figured they would jump on me as soon as I entered central on my way in.

So I sliiiiiiid through real careful. Not trying to hide or anything, but not making any advertisement that I was there. Nobody said anything so I went on outside to wait for BG and head on down to the house.

We got down there and things were busy so we decided to stay in from rec and help out. Besides, Sgt Banty didn't look like he felt good (almost enough to have me worried about him) and I figured he could use a hand.

So we stayed busy doing lockups and property and keeping the boards straight. I figured as soon as shift change came about they would be calling me up there to redo all of that paperwork.

I waited and waited and nothing happened. Oh well.

Then, right at 6 when they opened the yards, BG and I were all geared up to go get our first round of rec. Julio came down from the house up the street to get a violation read and he turned to me and said "Oh, by the way, I'm your relief. You have to go up front and do paperwork."


I gave Julio all of my keys and cuffs and sent him off to do rec with BG and I trotted up the hill. It was raining and the wind was blowing so hard that my right ear filled up with water. When I got up to Central I stuffed a paper towel in my ear to draw out the water and went in to see the Lt. he gives me my IOC's and says "We just need you to change these right here. Where it just says 'I' you need to put your full name in there."

I kind of just blinked at him for a second and said "Is that it?"

He says "Yup. That's all we need!"

So I set down at a computer, log in and change my paperwork and print them back out again. Honestly, it took longer to log into the system than it did to change my IOC's and print all three of them back out again.

I hand them off to the Lt and say "Are you sure that's all you need?"

He says "Yup! Thanks!"

Shaking my head, I put all of my rain gear back on and head back down to the Hive. Since I was walking the other way, my left ear filled up with water. Grabbed another paper towel when I got there.

When I walked back in the office everyone was dumbfounded. "Back so soon?"

I just smiled mysteriously and said "I told you I was the fastest with the paperwork, didn't I?"

So, if nothing else really got accomplished, I got my exercise for the day.

And I got my ears cleaned to boot.

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