Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ghosts Of Inmates Past

Not literally ghosts. The actual living things, such as they are. But bad memories of these same idiots showing up again and again.

These fools... mostly punk kids with mild mental, emotional or developmental problems keep cycling around and around.

Our camp is only classed as a C-4 camp, so we aren't as strict. These punks come here and act the fool and when they finally get classes as a C-5, we have to hang onto them forever because there isn't that much room in the C-5 camps.

And there we go again with the whole "I'm a C-5, you better check my file!" thing.

Yeah right.

And when they finally get sent to a C-5 camp they get their heads thumped a few times because they don't put up with that kind of foolishness there. So they lay down and behave themselves for a year until their level drops back down again and they get transferred back here.

And the cycle starts all over again.

Last night on the way out Sgt Miz P was in the control center and she stops me and says "Do you remember this wobblehead?" and she mentions a name.

Oh yeah. I remember him. It took us four years to get rid of this little snaphead the last time. A 21 year old mouthy punk with the mental and emotional age of a ten year old. Temper tantrums and fake seizures. One of the ones that will do anything for attention, good or bad.

He's back on our camp again after a long stint as a C-5 somewhere else.

I remember the little snit. And I'm not looking forward to having to deal with him again.

His file says he hasn't had any violations in awhile and only four of them all last year.

Maybe he has learned his lesson. Maybe he is finally trying to behave himself.

But I'll believe it when he doesn't show up in my house again.

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