Monday, March 29, 2010

Mixing And Mix-Ups

Well, I guess that the job cuts are official. Luckily KP and I got spared from the chopping block. Frankly, I didn't see any other way it could have turned out down here in the Hive.

Like the Boss man said "The choice was simple. They either cut two off of day shift or they cut two off of evenings and day shift has to pick up doing rec." And we know that day shift has waay too much stuff going on to be able to do rec. The just couldn't do it. And rec is federally mandated so it has to get done.

It sucks that days is losing two, but I didn't cause it. Just for those couple of you who keep shooting me dirty looks about it. I didn't cause you to lose your slots so quit giving me grief about it. You know who you are.

Last weeks bids finally came down and apparently there is a bit of confusion over who got what. We have had our bubble relief spot vacant for well over a year and when they finally put it up, there was some stiff bidding. COI Fishbowl called down and said "I heard that I got that bubble spot!" Then about a half an hour later Uncle Scary came down escorting a lockup and said "Hey, I heard I got that spot!"

So there's no telling who got it at this point. Maybe Chucky did. I'd be okay with that.

One of the side effects of these job positions being cut is a great realignment that has to go on. They have to shuffle everybody around to make sure we are staffed as fully as we can be. From what I have heard, forty-two jobs will go up for bid next week. Some people will try to get their old slots back with different days off, and some people will be looking to go somewhere else entirely.

All I know for sure is that it is going to be a real mess and I wouldn't want to be the Major for anything.

I'm not even sure which posts are going up for bid. I hope mine isn't one of them. I hope somebody would have told me beforehand if it were. Guess I better check the job bid board next week just to make sure. I'd hate to get ganked out of my spot by not paying attention.

I guess we will see what next week holds. I'm sure it's going to be interesting.

But it will be nice to have someone regular in the bubble on Miz Maybe's days off. Whoever it ends up being.


  1. If your spot was "up", you would have gotten an I.O.C. like I did. Since third shift was left alone,I don't think there will be any realignment. Hope they do something fast or else they will only have 2 on the floor next Sat since mine and you know who's spot were cut. GOOD luck running the house with 2 officers..and 60+ phone calls.

  2. Sqiddly- Like I have been saying, it will probably take someone getting hurt to make them stop their nonsense. Hope it doesn't come to that, tho.

  3. At the paper, we've had "general bids" where all the jobs are chosen in senority order. It establishes the importance of senority, but sure causes upset amongst the crew.

  4. Joe- Yeah. Same here. people will bid on jobs for the days off, and not because they want the job. Then you end up working with someone who doesn't have a clue. Not a good situation sometimes.