Sunday, March 14, 2010

No Vacancies!

Ah. Here we go again. Full up to the brim and no beds out on the hill. That just always makes for such an interesting night.

Luckily for us, it didn't get too interesting.

When I came in at 2:00 Sgt Strings said "You got two beds left!"

Then the phone rang.

When we came back in from doing rec he said "You got one bed left!"

Then the phone rang again.

By the time we started feeding dinner we were full.

And the phone rang again. Sgt Miz P just put her head down on the desk and groaned.

Doing one for one kickouts. That's always a blast. Had to kick some mouthy little street punk out to the wobblehead house. I'm willing to bet he will be back by morning.

And of course, they guy we were getting didn't match at all with the empty bed we had. We were getting some 50 year old p/c who weighed maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. The empty bed we had was with a 230 pound gang banger. So we had to move someone from C-wing (and threaten him with a violation if he didn't move) so we could put the little old dude in there.

Sausage went and asked another dude if he would move and he started yelling. "F*ck no! I wanted to move two weeks ago and y'all wouldn't move me then! So now when you want me to move I say f*ck no!" I just looked up at him and said "I'll remember that next time you want something. Remember last week when you were stuck on the toilet and out of paper and I went and got you some? " I wagged a finger at him. "No more favors. You won't pay them back, so you got nothing more coming." All he said was "Awwww..... man!"

So there are no beds in the Hive and no beds on the hill and nobody is transferring until tuesday. I have a feeling that tomorrow is just going to be more of the same.

And I have a feeling also that we will get almost the same amount of knuckleheads back that we transfer out. So we aren't going to be gaining anything at all. There are at least twenty people in the Hive awaiting bed space to get out on the hill. And some of those have been waiting for almost a week.

The situation is getting pretty bad. We are going to end up with inmates sleeping in the gym again if this keeps up.

Know anybody with about 1,000 sleeping bags for sale? There's still plenty of room out on the yard.

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