Monday, March 15, 2010

Do We Look That Stupid?

Gawd I hope not. That looks really really stupid.

The department has come out with a new edict. We all are required to watch a video by the end of the month about maintaining a professional relationship in dealing with inmates.

I can understand it, at a base level. We all need to be reminded of that now and then.

There are a few inmates that I am cordial to, because they are cordial to me. They treat me with respect, I treat them with respect. There are alot of them I don't give the time of day to.


But I am not "friendly" with any of them.

Even the ones that I get along well with, like my dorm and food service workers, I am always suspicious of their motives and always watching for something underhanded to be going on. I've been fooled a few times and I learn from my mistakes.

Sometimes, anyway.

But the main point of the video is what is the most insulting. They make it very clear that having any kind of sexual relationship with an inmate is bad and will land you in prison. They make it clear several times.

Get real. Even if I liked men I would have better taste than that. And better sense.


Excuse me. Got an attack of the willies there.

When I got done watching the video I wanted to tell them where they could store it for safekeeping.

All right. I watched the damned thing! Now get off my back!


  1. I understand it's a good thing to be reminded of. Mind you, however, we as officers are merely a liability.

  2. Sadly, we recently had an officer out this direction who didn't have good taste.

  3. Drew- I'm sure if they could find a way to replace us all, they would.

    Vinnie- Tap that.

    Anon- I understand that it happens, and it's deplorable. But the video is demeaning. I tend to resent being treated like a nitwit even if i am one.