Friday, March 12, 2010

The Furniture Factory

I made me a couch! I know it aint awesome or anything but I'm kind of proud it turned out halfway decent looking and sturdy.

The wife didn't have the material for the cushion covers yet, so we just threw some sheets over the foam rubber pads so we could have it to sit on.

Besides, the damn thing was taking up all the room in my shop and I had to get it out of there!

Anyway, the frame is all 2x4's, the seat and back are 1/2" plywood and the arms are 2x10's. The first project I got to do using my new bandsaw. That sucker works great.

I managed to pretty much make the entire thing in a day. It took longer for all of the sanding and staining and clear coat, of course. But it turned out to be a simpler deal than I thought it would be.

I think by the time I bought the wood and hardware and my wife got the foam this couch maybe cost us $250.00. And I'm willing to bet it will outlast any store-bought couch for the same price.

That is what I do with my spare time.


  1. Nice job. I love the color. That couch may outlast us all. :)

  2. Great job Darev!

    I make all of my furniture and it is so rewarding! I haven't made a couch yet though.

    What did you use for finish?

  3. Tango- Thanks. It's a sturdy sucker.

    g- It wasn't as hard as i thought it might be. Used Minwax Early American stain and Minwax gloss clearcoat. I gave the arms three or four coats to make them last longer.

  4. Buddy- No, she just likes white shoes. Go figure.