Monday, November 2, 2009


I got to be "it" today. That's always so special. The one guy who knew how to do everything.

They sent us the General as a Sergeant. It was me and BG and Ms. Maybe and the Cowboy and Sausage and an OJT. Luckily the Cowboy is shaping up to be decent. He's still kind of a squirrel, but he's learning and does pretty good.

And Sausage is just Sausage.... you know how he is. He's been everywhere and done everything on camp and he's competent, if somewhat annoying. A good guy to have at your back if the snit hits the fan. And he helped keep track of the paperwork. That was a blessing.

I spent all of my time running back and forth and making sure things were running right and keeping up with the numbers the best I could. I'm relatively certain they were all correct by the time I left.

I get a little pushy sometimes. I like things to run smoothly and with as little b.s. as possible. I can't help it that I have been down there so long I am set in my ways. There are ways and times that things should be done in the Hive. And when they don't get done right or on time things get screwed up.

So I get pushy.

Sarge doesn't know the house like I do and he pretty much set back and let me run the show. He didn't mind. Now, if I tried that over in his house on B-side, it would be another matter. That's his house. This is mine. At least for eight hours a day.

I think I earned my pittance from the state today. I can feel it in my head and my poor feet.

I really really want my regular crew back! Sgt. Miz P is out on vacation. Chuck has been out for a week because a family member died and he is in training next week. And we are still short one assigned officer and they won't put the job up for bid.


Much more of that and I am going to need another vacation.

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