Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Suspect That I'm Spolied

Now that the cold nights and mornings are upon us, I have been having trouble getting warm in the mornings. I dress in sweats and my slippers and sit back here in my cold little corner and shiver and drink my coffee.

My office is in a converted two car garage that wasn't very well insulated to begin with.

So to combat this, I have been soaking in a hot bath for an hour before I get dressed to go to work. Gets me nice and perking warm.

This morning was no exception. There I was, in a hot bubble bath, reading my book, smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee with a trickle of sweat on my brow. Paradise. Mostly paradise, anyway.

I hear the door to the bedroom open and my wife comes into the bathroom and sets a saucer with three fresh out of the oven home made chocolate chip cookies on the side of the tub.

Now it's paradise. My wife makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world. And when they are fresh out of the oven, still warm and sticky they are pure ambrosia.

I think I'm a little spoiled now and then.

Be a dear and peel me a grape, would you?


  1. It is a good thing the guys you work with don't know about the bubble bath thing, Bubbles.

  2. Rev,

    Your a man after my own heart. Nothing like a good book and a hot bath. 'Cept maybe a good doughnut and a hot wench. Yeah baby!

  3. oh dear. you are spoiled and i find it refreshingly precious! a man in a bubble bath? rare indeed!

    when it is cold? i like those thick wool socks only i call them woobies. and i have also been known to steal them from folks, just for a while, if i like the ones they are wearing.

  4. Ok, just so we make this whole thing perfectly clear, it wasn't really a bubble bath. Several years ago, my kids bought me some soap and stuff for my birthday and there was this bottle of stuff that turns the water blue. Some "Mens Foaming Bath Spa" or something like that. I'm just using it to get rid of it. Jeez! You people!

  5. Blue stuff? Does it have a little plastic hook thingy, like maybe you hang it from the side of a toilet bowl?

  6. LOL!!! Bad Actor I like your style.

    Bro, did your blue bath get rid of that stubborn brown ring?

  7. Sheesh. Let me introduce you two. Critter, this is Bad Actor. Ba, this is my sister. You two will make a lovely couple.