Thursday, November 26, 2009

All Banged Up Again

In case you can't tell, those ugly things are my knees. And, like I really needed any help in that department, they got a bit uglier tonight. Why do they have to make concrete so hard?

We were out on the rec yard, BG and I, just doing some rec like we always do. Even though it's a holiday, rec must go on. You know how it goes. Just another night in the Hive.

We had six offenders out there, A,B,C,D,E, and F. Offenders A and F were having a few harsh words between each other, but since they were in separate cages at opposite ends of the rec yard, we didn't think too much of it. Apparently Offender F had observed Offender A putting something unsavory in his mouth while they were in the county lockup together. Offender A denied this vehemently, but F was pretty sure it was him. Me, I just filed it away in my mental drawer. Offender A is the mouthy little punk that waggled his winkie at Chuck the other night.

Anyway, we got them all cuffed up and out of the cages and since we thought there might be trouble between A and F, I was down at one end and BG was up at the other trying to make sure we kept them apart. We usually don't even have to discuss this sort of thing. It happens alot.

While we are watching A and F to make sure they don't get together, Offender C suddenly rushes at F and shoulder checks him, almost knocking him down and smacks him in the chin with his elbow. I yell at them to break it up and C keeps going, so I grabbed him by the arm. C tries to pull away and go after F again so I planted him pretty hard on the concrete.

My knees hit the concrete some milliseconds later, much to my regret. Unfortunately, the kid was taller than me and probably outweighed me by thirty or forty pounds so it took a bit of oomph to get him tipped over and down to the ground.

As soon as he was down I had one hand on his chest and the other on my pepper spray and he said "I'm done."

You bet your sweet freaking bippy you were done. Punk.

Got him back up and into the cell and I had to call over the radio to get the cell door shut. Apparently I sounded pretty aggravated, because everybody else came trotting out of the office to see what made me sound like that.

So now I get to go make the phone calls and do the paperwork. Joy. Since I was the only one really involved, it didn't take too long. And Lt. Gerber was the shift commander tonight, thank the gawds. If it had been Captain Crane I would probably still be there doing and redoing my paperwork.

And they send someone down with the camera to take pictures of the offender and of my banged up knees and all the lads start giving me grief about my legs. I know they aint pretty, but they keep my butt from dragging on the ground, okay?

And do you know what really pisses me off about the whole thing? I tore a hole in my pants. That really pissed me off. Now I have to get some new ones. Pfui.

But...... it's my friday. Frack it. I get to spend two whole days recuperating before I gotta do it all over again.

Oh, and next week I have my annual training again. Isn't that lovely? I'll keep you posted on that as it happens.

Good night!


  1. You get to have all the fun, damn you.

  2. i wish you would link an email address to your blog/comments/profile so i could thank you and respond to the nice things you comment :)

    that photo that i posted and you said "den/nest"? it was exactly that...something had definately "marked" its territory inside those branches. i had to crawl inside to get that shot and it was awesome!

    and? i'm with bad actor. all the fun. not fair.

  3. BA- Only fun for a second or two. Paying for it now with a case of the owies. Apparently banged up my elbow, too. This part isn't so much fun.

    Heather K- I included an email addy on my profile. An oversight on my part. Sometimes when I don't comment it's because you have either said all there needs to be said or, strangely enough, you have left me speechless. You do have a way with words, girl.

  4. At least you get paid for getting hurt. Me I manage to get hurt on my own time. I even have to buy my own bandaids. ;-)

  5. Dont worry about training....We'll take it easy on you in D.T. Just remind me and the other instructor about your knees.

  6. Anon- My insurance is pretty good, but if I get hurt at work I have to go to the ER for anything at all, pretty much. Most of the nurses won't help with anything at all. There are a few good ones, tho.

    Squiddly- I appreciate that. I'm keeping the left one wrapped in an ace bandage most of the time. It seems to help. I'll remind you, trust me.