Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dirty Business

This is what I had planned on writing about thursday before all the excitement broke out. I wouldn't have minded just writing about silliness.

BG and I were out on the rec yard thursday afternoon, just enjoying what sunshine there was and listening with one ear to the knuckleheads and with the other ear on the radio. We heard one of the yard dogs call the Lieutenant on shift and tell him to go to channel two. I immediately switched to channel two, just because I'm nosy.

Here's how the conversation went:

LT: 19 on channel two.

YD: Yeah, Lt, I got the biohazard guys coming down here to my location.

LT: What's going on?

YD: They need to do a cleanup. Someone went number two down here by the canteen!

LT: (suppressing chuckles) 10-4!

BG looked at me and said (with a completely straight face, as usual) "I guess it's an editorial comment on their prices!"

I rolled. It was a good way to start the day. And I was pretty happy that I wasn't on the yard at that point.

So anyway, I'm posting early today because I have to be in training at 8:00 am tomorrow morning and I'm coming home and going straight to bed hopefully. They ripped me off on my days off for training this year and I won't be getting any extra time off to make up for the switch in shifts. Skeezy basticules.

Our training has been slashed from five days down to three. They are jamming everything we need to know into three days. So I get to work today, go to training the next three days and go back to shift on thursday. My inner clock is going to be all screwed up. And they are predicting rain and snow on wednesday when we are supposed to be out on the range with the shotguns.


I'll try to keep you appraised of what is going on and another inside view of our training program.

Don't touch that dial!


  1. You get snow, and I was laying in bed last night sweating. Somehow, this does not seem fair.

  2. Shotguns, I like shotguns. Big boom, nice spread of damage.

    I keep asking for one for Christmas, but the hubby says, "No way, no how, never."


  3. I don;t want to screw the pooch on this one, but if the NRA finds out we're down to an "8" hour weapons training instead of 12(ish) we'll be SOL.
    Though, the time spent on gun taining is what made it a week.

    It went fast, and there was a party afterward.
    But I only invited myself.

  4. Vinnie- Pretty soon we'll be getting as much training as your average Walmart greeter.

    Amy- Move to the lead bible belt. The weather here is almost as strange as the people.

    Anon- You should stick to potato guns.