Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All The News That's Fit To Print

Miss Nancynurse came back for one day after being absent without leave (without my leave, anyway) for two whole weeks and gave me hell for not keeping her up on what has been happening in the Hive. The wench!

If anything would have been happening these last couple of weeks I would have had some interesting crap to write about! But no..... there was flood fire and famine and inmates running amok and a major riot and somebody in C-wing swallowed their toilet but here I am writing about Chuck farting out on the rec yard.....

Silly woman.

The truth is..... nothing has really been happening lately. I'm not going to use the "Q" word and I really don't want to jinx us. I've gotten superstitious since I started working down here. The "Q" word is taboo and certain phases of the moon are to be feared. And mentioning aloud how many empty beds we have at any given moment will get you smacked across the chops.

Now there have been a few developments outside the Hive but I am, at this point, reluctant to mention them here out in front of Bob and everybody just yet. Ask me in private and I'll whisper what I have heard. I'm still trying to keep a fairly low profile here.

There was a message board for some of the staff of that "other" prison up the road and it got shut down from pressure by the upper management. I'm trying to avoid that fate. Even though there is little or nothing happening at the moment, this still gives me time to unlax and rewind when I get home.

So keep listening to the radio.

When something happens I'll let you know.

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