Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stop The Insanity!

Ok, maybe "insanity" isn't the right word. But "Stop the nastiness" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

I'm talking about spitting. More to the point, I am talking about spitting where I walk. And I usually don't walk on the grass, if you get my drift.

This is mostly a guy thing, so ladies, you can just skip this post if you want to, it has very little to do with you.

But there seems to be something about guys in general and C.O.'s in particular that makes them need to spit all of the time when they are outside. And I am not complaining about most of the guys who "chew". Because most of them have the sense to either spit in a bottle or over on the grass.

You know, sometimes you just gotta spit. I can dig that. I understand it completely. It's the ones that sit there and spit and spit and spit all over the sidewalk for no reason whatsoever than to just be spitting that get to me.

I don't want to have to wade through puddles of your mucous to get into and out of my house. And if something gets dropped on the ground, that old "five second rule" goes right out the window. If it hits the ground outside the house, it's history.

Have a little class.

Have a little decorum.

Using a little common snapping sense and walk five feet to one side or the other and spit in the freaking grass for gawds sakes!

You're grossing me out.

Ok, ladies, you can come back now. I'm done. For now, anyway.


  1. I'm not a spitter. Spitting never felt good to be. I guess I don't have excessive saliva.

  2. There is a guy at the dealership that has this terrible know the gurgling back throat kind. It's really gross. He spits in his trash can in his cubicle and everyone can hear him. Now, every time I see him my stomach turns.

  3. One of the bad things on our dock when I was in charge was the number of guys on the crew who would just spit right on the concrete of the dock. Gross as hell. I would ask "What the F is wrong with you MF'ers?" and never got a reply.