Monday, November 23, 2009

Just Disgusted

I know I shouldn't blog while I'm mad. But sometimes I just gots to.

There's this punk kid inmate in my house. Well, there's alot of them in my house, but this particular one is just a pain in everybody's tukhes. He's nothing more than a big mouth connected to a very small brain and an all-around [EXPLETIVE DELETED] punk. One of those who takes every opportunity to run his mouth about corrections officers in general and us in particular.

This idiot went out for rec this evening and while he was gone, Chuck and the Cowboy got his cellie out and searched his cell. So of course when he came back he started mouthing Chuck and calling him all sorts of names. Very loudly in the wing.

So Chucky wrote him up for creating a disturbance and insulting behavior. When Sgt Miz P went to write the violation he got loud and mouthy again, screaming through the chuck hole and then declared that he was in fear for his life from his cellie and he wanted protective custody. Sarge told Chucky and the Cowboy to get him out of there but when Chuck went to cuff him up, the little snaphead stuck his penis out the chuck hole and said "Cuff this, bi*ch!" And he refused to cuff up and come out.

Once he declared he was in fear for his life we had to move him. And since he refused to cuff up, it was up to us to get him out of the cell and moved ASAP. Sarge called the Lieutenant who called the captain who didn't want to do anything at first. When he realized we had to move him, he sent the Lt down.

So when the Lt got there, he went up and talked and talked and the inmate cried to him that we had called him names and made him angry.

And who did he believe?

Not us, of course.

He got the knucklehead out and got him moved over to C-wing (which was what he wanted) and then came in and gave Chucky and the Cowboy and Sgt Miz P a stern talking to about how to deal with offenders in a professional manner.

He needed a thumping and instead he got a coddling. Because it was late in the shift and the Lt's friday and he didn't want to do any paperwork.

What the snap ever.

And this little punk might have a surprise in store. He thinks he is getting out the first part of next year and there is nothing we can do about it. What he has is a "C.R." or Conditional Release date. He thinks that it can't be taken away from him. And right now because he has only a little more than two months to go they won't transfer him out of here back to a C-5 camp where he belongs.

Who does he think Parole Officers talk to when looking for recommendations about an inmates behavior and eligibility for release? Not his mother (who I'm sure is so proud of him) that's for sure!

I'm sure I'll be seeing him again.


  1. Sounds like his behaviour has gotten worse in prison instead of better. Definitely not someone I'd want living next to me, and probably none of the rest of you would, either. Someone should explain to him how easily his behaviour could result in a Use Of Force and potentially cause someone to get hurt (usually the inmate) and for him to wind up with a new Assault case. No getting out then. I call that the "Talk With Jesus Talk", and it's a little more colorful, generally.

  2. Here's how it should have gone..."SNAKE!!!!" (sound of chuckhole slamming on head of the "snake" followed by the blood curdling screams of one punk-ass B#tch of an inmate.) Yes, there will be paper work, but at least it will be amusing for everyone involved.

  3. Hee....i was thinking you should have pepper sprayed his man junk. I'm not the only one, I see.

  4. Anon- It's been tried. He's too stupid for it to sink in. He still thinks that he is getting out on his CR date and there is nothing we can do about it.

    Peggy Sue- If you were the shift commander, we might have gotten away with that. As it was, the whole thing ended up being our fault.

    Amy- As much as we would like to, that sort of thing just gets us into more trouble, unfortunately.