Sunday, November 1, 2009

And The Award Goes To...

...Our probation and parole officers. Or at least whoever came up with the idea.

Last night someone said that there seemed to be some sort of party or something going on at the P&P offices back behind the prison. There were an awful lot of cars there. Since it was Halloween, they thought it might be a party.

Instead, it was someone who had a really good idea.

They made all of the registered sex offenders who live in this area report to their offices at 3pm and stay there until midnight.

That is just freaking awesome. We don't know who all of the creeps are, but at least they kept the ones we know about off the streets while our kids were out trick or treating.

Whoever came up with that plan, I'd like to shake their hand.

So my hat is off to out Probation and Parole officers!

You are heroes in my eyes.


  1. That was freakin awesome, however I'm sure one of those scumbags will probably sue them for violating their constitutional right to go trick or treating.

  2. I think we should nominate them for a "Dudley"! That's totally awesome!

  3. BA and Peggy Sue- Makes you feel like maybe we aren't fighting a losing battle after all, doesn't it?

  4. so impressed. Really.