Monday, May 14, 2012

Update On The Desk

Moved those two old desks out this weekend. That was quite the chore. Just moving all of the junk piled on top of them took me hours. The old office looked pretty empty.

Hauled the new one in and decided to slant it out into the room to give myself a bit more space back there. I'm going to do something with all that blank space on the back of it. My mind reels with possibilities.

Of course the first thing I had to do was move my dragons and skulls back out where they could be seen again. Unfortunately the thing is so tall I had to remove the blades from my ceiling fan. Ah well. I rarely use that anyway....

Moved my 'puter in and got it all set back up. I was really unhappy with that huge mass of wires back there.
So I moved the tower down to the lower shelf and built the box you see back there. It has slots lined with felt for the wires to run through. It's stuck down with little Velcro pads to keep it from moving. And the stain I chose came real close to matching!
My old desk had nails and thumb tacks and things that I hung my stuff on and I didn't want to do that again. So I procured these little gears from the wife. She cuts them out with the laser to do her scrapbooking stuff. They are actually made from thin cardboard. I cut out a bit of scrap wood and stained it then glued on the gears and gave it a quick coat of polyurethane, then drilled holes and screwed in some cup hooks.
And voila!

This thing just keeps getting cooler and cooler all the time.

I wonder how many of those gears it would take to cover the rest of it? (grin)

Tuesday (my Friday) is going to be National Chocolate Chip Day, International Family Day, Nylon Stockings Day, Straw Hat Day and Peace Officer Memorial Day.

Have a chocolate chip on me. And remember our fallen officers.


  1. shhh, it's just me saidMay 15, 2012 at 8:57 AM

    Looks good rev. Nicely done with the finish and the crafty woodman additions. Now you need to build a trap door in the back of it so when it's time to vamoose to work, you come out already in your gear, like a super hero or heroic super, if you have the property to justify it.

    1. Just Me- If I had my own Batcave, I'd be eating it up. I'm just lucky to have an office to put all my junk in.

  2. Looks nice, and I like the trap door idea. I might have something for you to hang on the back, but I was holding it for your birthday. Maybe I'll send it early.

    1. Critter- Well, I have some plans for the back. Just waiting to see if I can pull them off. But don't let me stop you... (grin)

  3. Very cool indeed. Didn't know you were so handy!

  4. My office(spare bedroom0 is usually a mess, then HER tidies up once a week. it then takes a coupla days to get it back to manageable untidyness again.