Monday, May 28, 2012

Paper Freaking Work!

If something ever happened to our paper supply, this place would come to a screeching halt.

Can't hardly poop around this place without having to write a memo to the shift commander and make five extra copies.

Keep one, file one, lose one, send one to the Major and keep the last one and the original just in case there's no toilet paper when you get done.


It's been three months since I have done entries on my people so it's time to do them all again. I've lost some and gained some. My list is down to nine now, since I have two vacant spots. That's a manageable number of people that I have to rate and never get to see or work with.

Nine people times two copies since I have to give them one and put one in their file. Eighteen. Not too bad.

Plus I am coming up on the end of my probationary period and I finally have a new supervisor. Lt Beez. Or second newest Lieutenant. He was hyper and a bit crazy when he was a COI and he hasn't changed a lick since then.

One of the things I got from him was a "Position Statement." I have to describe my position and what I do with my day broken down by how much of my time I spend doing things. Everyone has to fill one out at the end of a probationary period.

I really really had to fight putting down "I don't have the slightest fracking idea where my time goes. I just come hang out and I leave when all the coffee is gone."

It's close enough to the truth.

Filling that thing out is one more reason never to promote again.

Or I'll wait until I save up enough out of the big pay raise I get to get some lackey to fill it out for me.

"Here, kid. Fill this out and let me know what it is I do all day and I'll give you five bucks."

And he'll write down "He comes in and hangs out and leaves when all the coffee is gone."

And that will be close enough to the truth.

Monday is going to be Memorial Day, National Hamburger Day, Sierra Club Day, Slugs Return From Capistrano Day and Whit Monday.

And what is a whit?

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