Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Over/Under Medicated

Some days I wish I could wear that shirt to work. Of course if I wanted to, I could make myself one just like that.

But they wouldn't let me wear it to work.

I figure it would be a good warning for everyone to stay away from me some days.

They just don't see the logic in that.

In the past nine years I have seen them do some strange things with inmates and medications. Give them too much or not enough or change meds suddenly or take them off suddenly, which turns out to never be a good thing.

Some of those wobbleheads have been on high powered psych meds or anti-psychotics for years and when you take them off of them suddenly, guess what?

Now you have a full blown psychotic on your hands seeing snakes and termites in his underwear and digging holes in the yard mining for aluminum to protect his brain from the satellites.

Then they usually make their way down to the Hive all covered with pepper spray and gravel and they say "Here ya go, pal! He's all yours!"

Nice. Thanks alot.

And the same thing goes for when they over-medicate them as well. I've seen that happen more than once. One of the wobbleheads gets out of control and they give him a butt full of Haladol or Thorazine and turn him into a drooling pile and then send him down to the Hive.

Then we get to scrape him up off of the floor once a night and clean up the puddles and put him in a clean smock and prop him back up in the corner again until he comes back out of it.

And we all know who is going to get the blame if one of them chokes to death on his own drool some night.

Us, the poor working stiffs who were "supposed to be watching him." Do we go in the cell every fifteen minutes and shake them gently and say "Mister Wobblehead? Are you okay?" No. We look in the window and if he moves a little or seems to be breathing then we leave him alone.

Because you don't want to open that door and go in there unless you really have to. Like I said, some of those guys have been taking those drugs for years and have built up quite a tolerance. They could take enough Thorazine to send me to the Bahamas for a month like it was nothing but a Tic-Tac.

And one of the side effects of taking so many anti-psychotics is that they tend to give you quite a tolerance for pain. And they aint skeered when we come in that door because they know it's not going to hurt until the drugs wear off.

I purely do hate it when they start messing with their medications.

That kind of thing can mess up your whole day.

Here's the weekend lineup:
Wednesday is going to be Penny Day, Declaration of The Bab Day, National Taffy Day and World Turtle Day.

Thursday is going to be National Escargot Day (eww...), Brothers Day, International Tiara Day and Morse Code Day.

Friday will be National Tap Dance Day, Cookie Monsters Birthday, Don't Fry Day, National Geek or Nerd Pride Day and National Brown-Bag-It Day.

Is it acceptable to use my Jeff Gordon Lunchbox rather than a brown bag?


  1. Well, just so you know -
    if I wasn't permanetly grounded for/from
    embarrassing & annoying others by
    speaking to the outside world -
    I would make T shirts of my own
    for the officers on your shift.
    Yours would read "Rising Ape"
    & theirs would say
    "Pompus Baboon".

    Jeff Gordon?
    I'm surprised those red-necks
    haven't torched it yet.

    1. 126bdc2WTS- Dude, you really need to make up a shorter handle.

      And if you made me that shirt, I would wear it.

  2. That's some charming place where you work.

    1. Bryan- Yeah. Aint it though?

      Best care anywhere.

  3. And I broke my reading glasses.
    That's why I left the n out
    of "permanently".
    Sorry to anybody I may have annoyed
    or embarrassed by doing that.

    1. 126bdc2WTS- No worries. I typo all the time. But be aware if you do it too much they might start to think you are from around here.

  4. Assuming there were no 'Wobbleheads' would you seek employment as a priest or a policeman or maybe a politician or possibly a penguin and porpoise trainer, no further training required.

    1. Vest- Luckily for me, there's no shortage of wobbleheads so I won't have to make that decision.

  5. I made a joke on Facebook responding to a friend's comment about ADHD meds for kids. I said something like "anything that keeps the kids quiet in my classroom." And one of her friends I don't know got really upset and started bashing those lazy teachers. Funny thing is I wasn't really joking.

    1. Brent- I see both sides of that. As a foster parent we had several ADHD kids. And I've needed to keep others quiet and corralled before too. Both of you have a valid point and there doesn't seem to be a correct answer.

  6. If some of those wobbleheads had had the correct treatment YEARS ago, maybe they wouldn't have ended up in your prison. Maybe. Some of them would still be antisocial criminals, just better medicated antisocial criminals.

  7. Nah, on 2nd thought - you're right. The pic of the one above is just perfect.
    Neat shirt.