Sunday, May 13, 2012

Not Giving Chase

So I'm sitting up in my office this evening...

Actually I wasn't even sitting yet. I had just got back to my office and poured a cup of coffee when Meatball called me on the radio to come back out to the front of the house.

The part of the yard that we can call "ours" in 10 house is pretty big. I would say all told somewhere between eight and ten acres. We don't use all of that. It's just there. Little hills and valleys and a creek running through it and all.

It's germane to the story. I'm getting there.

Anyway I get out to the front of the house and I see Meatball standing there with an inmate from 30 house and I'm wondering what he's doing there. Then I notice two things in rapid succession. One- The inmate is holding a leash that isn't attached to a dog. And two- there is a dog running wild all over my yard.

And buddy, she was having her a run. As they say around here, she was "Flat gettin' it." Running so fast her feet barely touched the ground half the time. Chasing squirrels and birds and frogs and leaves and anything that moved and some things that didn't. She even almost caught a bird in flight. Missed it by inches.

By the time she was done there wasn't a critter showing it's face anywhere on 10 yard. She probably run ten laps easy. And that inmate was running back and forth trying to catch her but she was having none of that.

There was no way I was going to join the chase. I knew she'd get tired running like that pretty quick. Sure enough, after about five minutes of running flat out her tongue was hanging low and the inmate handler managed to snag her as she jumped over the creek for the umpteenth time.

It seems that she had seen a squirrel over by 30 house and slipped her leash, chasing it all the way around 10 house and then when she saw all that open space she decided to go for some exercise.

Who am I to argue? But I am certainly not going to try and chase a dog that can run like that.

No freaking way. Just like the inmates. Where are they going to go? Let them run in circles.

They always get tired and stop in the end.

Just so you know I am going to cut back on my posting a little bit. Or try to, anyway. I'm starting to struggle to write a post every night and I'm becoming frequently unsatisfied with the quality of my posts.

So unless something phenomenal or particularly funny happens I'm going to cut down to about three posts a week. Not sure of a schedule yet. Guess I have to work on that. So if you see a post with nothing but the holidays listed, that meant that nothing good happened or I'm not pissed off about anything in particular.

No news is good news, right?

Monday is going to be National Dance Like A Chicken Day, The Stars And Stripes Forever Day, Underground America Day and National Buttermilk Biscuit Day.

Dance like a chicken! Yeah! Shake your tail feathers......


  1. I'm sure I'll find time to give you a call three times a week. Love your unadulterated amusing down to earth posts.

    1. Vest- I'll try to keep you up to date. Always glad to see new faces!

  2. "Just so you know I am going to cut back on my posting a little bit. Or try to, anyway."

    Yeah...yeah, we've heard this before ;D

    1. Bryan- Yeah, I know. It's an addiction. Just trying not to get burned out again.

  3. You can't chase me away that easily