Sunday, May 13, 2012

My New Job Description

So I wander outside of the house this evening and Miz Slim has a couple of inmates out front watering the flowers and the plants outside the house.

It turns out that they are also supposed to water the garden out front where they have planted cauliflower and stuff like that. I don't know why, but they swore they were supposed to do it.

The problem is that even with two hoses hooked together there isn't enough to reach the garden so they fill up these little three gallon watering jugs and walk out to the garden, water a patch and then come back for a refill.

No big deal, right? They're inmates and they are supposed to work and this is what they are supposed to do.

The problem is the hose. A hose can and is considered an escape tool. I guess you could use it like a rope to get over the fences. So any inmate with a hose has to be supervised.

Since everyone else was busy, I volunteered to be the Designated Hose Monitor.

I tell ya. That just about wore me out. Sat on that picnic table for almost an hour, watching them water the plants. Man, I monitored them so hard..... I almost had to go home afterwards, I was so worn out.

And except for making Tilt blow his fruit drink out his nose, that was about the high point of my day. Of course that was pretty freaking hilarious as well.

I'll have to remember how I did that so I can do it again.

I'm just an evil basticule like that.

Sunday, aside from being Mother's Day, is going to be Leprechaun Day, Frog Jumping Day, Rural Life Sunday and National Apple Pie Day.

Maybe Mom, out in here rural cabin, will bake you an apple pie.

As long as your Mom isn't a leprechaun or a jumping frog, anyway.


  1. Seems like this hotel for weary townsfolk who appreciate the country scene - watering veggies and the like, would commit murder to stay in it's comfortable surroundings looked after by an old softy like your goodself. 'Oh what joy'.
    The only exciting thing which can occur today for me is a round trip of forty Km to take my weekly urine sample to the Hospiddle.

  2. Vest- I've heard some people say "When I retire I'm going to rob a bank. Either I get a bunch of money and live for awhile longer or I'll go to prison and all my needs will be taken care of."

    What does that say about our society?

    And I'm sure glad I don't have to go 40km to pee! (grin)

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