Sunday, May 6, 2012

Those Crazy People!

Got a call on the radio, not long after the start of shift, from one of the nurses down in CTC. It's at the other end of 10 house where I work and they keep the really crazy inmates down there.

Normally we don't go down there much, unless there's a problem. It's actually manned by mental health staff, without any CO's assigned to the place. It's a weird setup, but there you are.

Anyway, she sounded a little flustered on the radio so I trotted on down there. One of their little wobbleheads had been acting funny, especially around female staff. Being aggressive and watching them closely and making rude remarks and actually being a bit threatening. He had that nurses nerves frayed.

I called and said I might be locking one up and they sent Lt Wyatt down to talk to him and assess the situation. The little knucklehead had calmed down some and I let him go eat with the others while Lt Wyatt talked to the nurse. I kept an eye on our problem child.

After talking to the nurse, Lt Wyatt says "I'm locking him up."

I said "Okey dokey. I was going to do that anyway. When he gets done eating I'll cuff him up."

He says "Let me talk to him first. Maybe calm him down some. But we might end up having a use of force on him."

I grinned. I couldn't help it. That big grin just spread all over my face before I could stop it. He rolls his eyes and goes "Oh snap!" (or something like that) Then he looks at me and says "Just don't spray him, okay?"

Oh, just tie my hands.

Okay. Just for the record, I have never sprayed Lt Wyatt during a use of force.

Not that I can remember anyway. He's just a little skittish.

Well, it turned out okay. The little wobblehead cuffed up and thought about resisting for just a second. Then he felt my hand on the center of his back and decided that getting squirrely standing between two six foot tall guys who hurt people for a living probably wasn't the best idea. Lt Wyatt escorted him down the the Hive himself without incident.

So all's well that ends well, I guess.

I didn't really want to wrestle with him, anyway.

Monday is going to be International Tuba Day, Paste Up Day, and National Roast Leg of Lamb Day.

I don't think I have ever had a leg of lamb. For that matter, I've never had a tuba, either.


  1. CTC makes me think of The Hills Have Eyes on thorozine.

    1. BK- I agree. Like too much lead in the gene pool, eh?

  2. Unrelated to today's post, and I know your zombie killing days are over, but I saw this news article and thought of you.

    1. Shirley- Thanks for bringing that up! What an awesome idea that was, huh? Goes to show you can't keep a good zombie down!

  3. Not sure why, but my comments are not showing here...unless...nah. Anyhouse, Lamb is surprisingly tasty, but cost more than a whole cow. My wallet taste buds mooed it over a bit and decided more is MORE and never spent another dime on God's preferred sacrifice.

    1. Scott- Nah. It's not what you were thinking. You got routed to my spam box. Don't know why. Hopefully that's fixed.

      Now that's settled, I do hope to try some one day. I've heard it's yummy.

  4. Clearly don't get her pancakes she scares me