Friday, September 30, 2011

The Wounded

For some reason we have a record number of staff members on "light duty". That means that they have been injured at work and are now lost in the bowels of Workmen's Compensation. They still have to come to work, but they are not allowed to do any actual work inside of the institution except under very strict circumstances.

We have had quite a few shoulder and back injuries of late. I don't know why.

Some of these people are my friends. Like Sgt Miz P and until just recently, Miz Twang. I know what happened to them and how they got hurt and I saw them almost every day just itching to come back to work.

But there are some people I wonder about. A couple of people who have been on light duty more than they have been inside the institution.

Let's just say I have my suspicions and leave it at that.

While most of the time we don't have to do a whole lot of actual physical work here at the prison, there are times when we have to be extremely physical if an offender is out of control. That's just the nature of the beast.

And if you are too frail to take care of business when it comes down to a donnybrook then you need to find somewhere else to work. Maybe a desk job or something. Somewhere else.

I believe I'll just leave it at that and walk away now. I already made myself mad about this once today and I don't need to do it again.

Tomorrow I'm schedule to be in a bubble somewhere. Not really all that thrilled about the idea. But I've learned that I can do almost anything for eight hours.

Friday is going to be National Mud Pack Day. I'm not sure I care much for the sound of that, whatever it may be. It will also be Blasphemy Day and Hug A Vegetarian Day.

What a combination.


  1. We used to have no light duty at all. Now we have it for a limited time only, though I'm not sure how long that is. Like at your place, we have a few guys who get "hurt" every holiday season so they can get Thanksgiving and Christmas off. Makes it so the people who really get hurt catch flack for it.

  2. Yeah I know exactly what you mean and I have been seeing it too. Crazy how some people are. I don't want to sit there and read policy for eight hours a day so I will come in with one leg if I have too haha.
    Veri word was miticans.
    The were the next door neighbor's to the mohicans but they died first.

  3. A "Donnybrook"? Does that involve fisticuffs and tomfoolery? :)

    You're on a completely different page than the rest of us, aren't you?

    As for the "light duty" folks, I'm sure you know there will always be plenty of people who abuse a system like that that's legitimately in place for people who need it. It sucks, but what can you do?

  4. Joe- It makes me not want to say anything if I get hurt just to avoid being labeled. And that's stupid.

    FlyinMonkey- "I'm just a little on fire. It's okay. It will go out eventually." (grin)

    Bryan- It tickles me to make people stop and say "What the snap?"