Friday, September 9, 2011

Nobody To Snap At

If anybody happened to be standing outside around 4:30pm CST and hear a primal scream off in the distance, it was probably me.

I made a couple of boneheaded mistakes on my count sheet and didn't catch the error in time. Two of the errors cancelled each other out but the third did not. I ended up with a number that claimed I had one more inmate than I actually had. I tried to find it and Sgt Banty tried to find it and Grasshopper leaned over my shoulder and tried to find it..... nothing.

Finally, as Sgt Banty was on the phone explaining to Capt CJ why I hadn't called count yet (eight minutes late) I caught the mess up with a loud "Ah-ha!" How embarrassing.

In the meantime the phone is ringing off the hook with people saying "Did you call count? I didn't hear it."

At least down in the Hive I had somebody to yell at if things went wrong. There was always some dunderhead willing to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and get a quick blistering in return.

Now I gots nobody but myself to yell at. And I'm mean.

The only bright part of my day (besides going home afterwards) was when Miz Twang came up to save my bacon. And the first time she brought me a big cup of fresh coffee from the gas station and a brand new bag of wintergreen Life Savers. She pulled my dinkie out of the fire a few times tonight.

Why, if she wasn't engaged to one of my best friends and I was mumble-mumble years younger.... Ah well.

I really do wonder if I have the sense or the mental stability for this post.

Hopefully it gets better with time. They are all really pushing me to bid in up there at least for a six month stint. I have a feeling that I might be a gibbering basket case after six months.

I'll have to think about it. That will look good if I go ahead and try to promote.

(See the picture above for the sigh)

I got two days off and then it's back at it again...... Whoop!

So Saturday is going to be Swap Ideas Day, National Lacemaking Day (really?) and Suicide Prevention Day.

Sunday will be No News Is Good News Day, Grandparents Day, National Hug Your Hound Day, Patriot Day and Remembrance Day.

Monday will be National Pet Memorial Day and National Chocolate Milkshake Day as well as National Boss/Employee Exchange Day and Video Games Day.

I'm not trading places with my boss. No sir.


  1. "She pulled my dinkie out...of the fire a few times tonight."

    That was a longggggg drop to the next line.

  2. Sweet! Another reason not to write on the novel and veg out with Madden 12!

    safeword: metimpre

    1. What I do before I conduct metime.

    2. A device used to measure how angry I get and for how long it last.

  3. At least if you yell at yourself, you don't have to apologize later! Thanks for all your kind comments on my lil pomes too-makes my day!

  4. Bryan- Are you trying to get me smacked? You would, just for fun, i think.

    Scott- Glad I could help out. Sometimes I am customer friendly!

    Gotta get me some more metime.

    Lolamouse- Gotta yell at somebody for the screw ups. And you words always make my day....

  5. I left a comment! WHat happened to it?


    Well...I can't possibly remember everything I was going to say so...

    Everybody makes mistakes and at least no one died because of it. Right? (That was totally not in my other comment but it's all I got right now.)

  6. Chanel- Blogger has been a pain in the butt lately. It's lost alot of my comments.