Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been here time and time again to read this drivel I pound out five days a week.

When I started ranting on here three years ago last month I had no idea that anybody would actually read any of this stuff, let alone come back more than once.

Just this morning I passed fifty thousand hits. That just stuns me.
And I never really thought that this would be something I would stick with for very long. I have a short attention span and a mild case of ADD and I didn't really suspect that I had that much so say about anything in particular.

But 897 posts later, I'm still at it.

When I started I thought that maybe a few people from the prison might read something I said and get a laugh out of it. So I threw in some of the local scuttlebutt and a few inside jokes and alot of ranting about things that are screwed up in that mess of a place we work in.

And, in the beginning, that was all who was here. Co-workers and my family.

My outside of work family, I mean.

Then things started to get a little strange.

As you can see, most of my hits are inside the US but there's a big cluster in Europe and a smaller group down in Oz and up into the Far East that have been staying the same for quite some time.

There's a small group of hardcore readers up in Canada who have been pretty steady and one lone guy in the Russian Federation who seems to stop by now and then. I wonder about that one sometimes. If I zoom all the way into the map there are no roads or town or anything there. Just a dot in the middle of nowhere. Weird.

And a new pocket of hits up and down South America have been popping up recently that have me wondering.

Anyway, it's just been amazing and I hope I can keep doing this for another three years at least. Maybe by the time I get to 100,000 somebody will finally pop on here and say "Will you shut up already? I'm trying to sleep!"

Hee hee hee! Not on your life, pal.

So to all of you from all of me, thanks for being here. And I'll be back on Monday.

Whups! Almost forgot to look at the calendar. Got bust blowing my own horn and forgot my job.

Saturday is going to be National Apple Dumpling Day and a whole bunch of other things. Let's see: Citizenship Day, Constitution Day, Big Whopper Liar Day, International Coastal Cleanup Day, Seat Check Saturday (?), Responsible Dog Ownership Day and National Ladies VFW Auxiliary Day. (whew!)

Sunday is going to be National Play-Doh Day, Air Force Birthday, ADD Awareness Day (yup), National Respect Day and Wife Appreciation Day.

Monday will be National Butterscotch Pudding Day, Talk Like A Pirate Day and National Women's Road Warrior Day.

That's a lot of stuff to celebrate. Better get busy!


  1. And I remember that the reason I am here is that you commented on Astoria Oregon Rust. I checked out your profile, found your blog, and here I am. Later on I found out you aren't so very far away from me. You show up as being at the Lake of the Ozarks, but I realize locations aren't exact on these things.

  2. Congratulations. I'm only coming up on a 100 posts, and 15,000 hits myself. God help me if I make it to 800-some posts on NH.

    I also get a mystery visitor from Russia on my Sheep Blog. (Probably some alien who crashed landed here in the Tunguska Event. They're trying to learn about our dreams and our penal practices. Maybe we can scare it away.)

  3. Outstanding my friend! I hope I can keep up with my blog that long! I about fell over when I hit 2,000 hits. I can only imagine how you felt to hit 50,000. Bout like retirement time haha. Kidding. I love your blog and if it wasn't for you my zombie stories wouldn't have any followers. Thanks for the support and keep on blogging blograt!
    Veri word is jujium.
    The board game Jumangi's step-brother. Instead of a jungle theme it was.more based on zombie jelly beans who ate your game pieces. It was not popular and quickly found its place in the Walmart clearance isle.

  4. Congrats, Rev!

    I'm glad I stumbled upon your site - it's good, really good and I can see why you have a following.

    I'm at 105 posts and 8300 hits (I make sure I don't track my own visits - since I'm my number one fan it could mess up the count...ego issues!) :-)
    I've had my blog since Jan '05, but only really got into the game Dec '10.

    I'm more of a reader than poster, but I am a writer...weird, isn't it. I do most of my writing nowadays in The Lost and Found - trying to finish a project. keep writing, I'll keep reading...and the world will keep rotating - sounds like a plan, right?

    Again...pat on the back to your success in this blogosphere!

    Cheers, Jenny

  5. Fifty thousand is a pretty big number. I am nowhere even close to that. Congratulations on your wide readership and your large number of posts.

    And by the way...I'd like Girlfriend Appreciation Day next time.

  6. Coolness. I love to see these kinds of milestones because otherwise I would seem crazy to myself for obsessing over my own. I'm glad I get to partake of your thoughts.

  7. Donna- That was how I found you, as well. Guy brought alot of different people together, didn't he?

    Bryan- I'm sure you won't run out of things to say any time soon. I love the mystery visitors. I wish they would comment once in awhile, though.

    FlyinMonkey- The way you write, I'm sure you will go mega viral very soon.

    Jenny- Sounds like a plan indeed. Hopefully we will all get to read what gets written in the L&F soon.

    Chanel- Every day is Girlfriend Appreciation Day.

    Brent- Than you. And I'll be cheering when you sell your 50,000th book.

  8. That's a nice round number to achieve, there Rev. Count me as many of the hits. I'm back to using my work internet, so when you see the newspaper hits, that's me.