Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blue Flu Season

There must be something going around. We have been having people call out left and right. Today we held over ten people from day shift. I haven't seen that happen in awhile.

Lt Sienna called me this evening in the comm room about something and I asked him how many we held over. When he said ten, I said "So, I guess I probably can't go home early, eh?"

He said "Hah!" and hung up the phone in my ear.

Guess that answered that question.

Maintenance is still fiddling around with the water system that broke yesterday. Apparently what they did to get it working again was just a temporary fix. I heard that they are coming in at 2:00am this morning to try a more permanent solution.

We'll see how long this one lasts. I'm in the pool for one week exactly.

And that's all I really have for tonight. I've been sleeping funky the last week or so. Either waking up too early or sleeping too late and not getting any rest no matter what interval passes. I'm tired and crabby.

Thursday is going to be Hobbit Day and Dear Diary Day as well as Elephant Appreciation Day and national White Chocolate Day.

Don't forget!


  1. Happy Dear Diary Day, dear diarizing Rev! Long may your dear diary overflow into the public arena.

  2. I love white chocolate!

    I saw that movie Contagion last week, not bad. I know so many people who obsess over germs already though. I don't see how movies like that do much but make people's paranoia worse. I wash my hands like 20 times a night at work, but I'm not worried about germs; I'm worried about chemicals. I might catch a nasty virus from germs, but odds are fairly good I'll get over it. I get the wrong chemicals in my system, on the other hand, I'll be dead before I have time to grab my stomach and say, "I don't feel quite right." Or if I'm lucky, I'll get something that causes cancer over long periods of exposure. So yeah...I wash my hands.

  3. I love hobbits! They are my second most favorite creature to be found on Middle Earth. (Second to the Elves, of course. Because who doesn't love Orlando Bloom?)

    "More permanent" does not sound good. It just means "will last longer than our last attempt."

  4. Vincent- Thank you. And to you, as well, O' Master Scrivener!

    Bryan- The latest obsession with germs will be the end of our race, I fear. The only ones to survive will be the farmers who play in the dirt now and then and build up immunities.

    Chanel- Who doesn't love hobbits? And, well... Orlando Bloom doesn't do that much for me, really. I'm just saying..
    The best answer I ever got from a maintenance guy when I asked about a repair was "It will last until it breaks again."