Thursday, September 8, 2011

Got a One Day Break

Got a one day break on the yard and then it's back to the fishbowl again!

Gonna keep this one short and sweet. I slept poorly and arose too early and I spent half the night with a sore throat and trying to lose my voice. It was a good thing I didn't need it. I sure hope it goes away by tomorrow. It's me and Big'un and Sgt Banty and Grasshopper tomorrow.

Hoo boy.

Friday is going to be Teddy Bear Day and Wonderful Weirdos Day and Stand Up To Cancer Day.

And to all you wonderful weirdos, goodnight.


  1. Finally! A day those of us over at FARNC can really sink our teeth into.

    safeword: Whine

    What I tend to do after that long awaited moment of release with the wife. I then cuddle with myself in a corner until I fall asleep with my thumb in my mouth.

  2. You hope your voice goes away by tomorrow? I'm sensing a bit of a rush job here ;)

    ...and hey Scott, you want a little cheese with that. *yuck* *yuck* *yuck*

  3. Scott- I don't know what I would do without all you wonderful weirdos. Probably just talk to myself alot.

    And if you're whining afterwards you might be doing something wrong.

    Unless you like it like that.

    I'll shut up now.

    Bryan- If I had lost my voice completely I could have stayed home.

    He could put a little Cheez-Whiz on his thumb!