Monday, September 5, 2011

Relaxed Into It

Back up in the control center again today. As it was a holiday I was hoping I could run the desk so I could have a chance to get more relaxed into the position.

I did, and it worked. I only panicked once and just briefly.

On a holiday there are minimal square staff and no education and few work crews and very seldom any extra whoop-de-doo going on. So both counts would be fairly easy.

Of course almost anybody could do the count up there with minimal training on a calm day when nothing is happening. If I can learn it, anybody can.

It's those days when you have three fights and two 10-5's and six emergency outcounts and an assault and they decide to lock up six inmates at 9:59pm that your true colors show out. Then stuff gets real exciting and you have erased and rewritten your numbers until the paper is tissue thin and the Captain is up there leaning over your desk wondering WHY count hasn't cleared yet.

Those are the days you fear and dread and train for and hope they never come. But if you stay up there long enough they will come eventually.

This evening it was me and Meanie and Sgt Puddle. About 9:00pm, Sarge had to run over to central to deliver some paperwork or something, leaving me and Meanie up there by ourselves. i got my count sheet out and started crunching numbers. Laundry was clear and the only thing I had left was Medical and Mr Toad called his count from there early.

I added up all my numbers and whoops..... That's not right. I was way off. Took a deep breath and started again slowly and carefully and re-added everything. This time it came out right. Whew! That was close.

When I said it all added up, Meanie said "Hey, it's 9:45! We got this!"

I said "Don't jinx me. I've seen the whole world go to snit at 9:59 before. Not from up here, but from out there. All I know is that the people up here tend to get real testy when that happens. It aint pretty."

Sgt Puddle came back right before count and I gave him a thumbs up. I think he stayed away just to see if I could handle it by myself. I did, but like I said, this was an easy night.

All in all it was a good night. Peggy Sue stopped by to visit and I got one of those big squeezy hugs that always make me feel warm all over. Got to go out and smoke with her and chat for a few minutes. It's always nice seeing the Boss Lady.

I have heard rumors that Miz Avon is talking about bidding back in the control center. That should be a good thing. I think she worked up there for awhile and did pretty good. All we need now is for Miz Twang to get better and come back to work and we will have a full crew up there again. Then maybe I can go back to being a utility infielder.

Maybe some day soon they will have enough people that they won't need me anymore. That will be fine, too.

I didn't start this with an eye towards being up there full time. I wanted to learn enough about it that if things went south maybe I could step up and try to fill in a gap. I haven't quite done that yet, but I think I'm getting there.

And yes, I am trying to assuage some of the guilt I felt for bailing on Sgt Banty that one night. Now I am desperately trying to say enough "Hail Mary's" to atone for that misdeed. Not being catholic, I don't know for sure how many is enough. I guess when I get good enough that I can handle one of the rough nights I'll know when it's enough. And if I can bail somebody out of a jam some night then I know it will have been enough.

All I can do for now is just keep on trying.

Tuesday is going to be Fight Procrastination Day. I was hoping to put that off until later, but there it is. It's also going to be Another Look Unlimited Day. That seems like a worthy effort.


  1. I think you are doing just fine. Just think about all the pressure you are going to have once you are the utility sgt up there!! Oh snap.....sorry homey. haha.
    My veri word is "instrou"! ummmmmm
    It is an acronym for
    Infamous Naked Saxon's That Run Over the Undead.......
    Yeah that's it!

  2. nothing beats a squeezy hug!

  3. make me blush! (Hey...quit laughing! I can to blush!)

    I love stopping by to see my former crew. You guys always make me feel welcome and missed. It's nice to come by just to visit for a minute and not have to "see" somebody.

    I think you're doing a great job in the Control Center. Isn't it nice for a change to get away from all the riff-raff out on the hill? It's like it's own little world up there, and the greatest thing is the nobody gets in or out unless you let them! (there's that nasty little control freak coming out again)

    Of course there will come a time when the 7th Circle of Hell opens up and you have to get the "Big Red Book." I had to do that 3 times in one month back during my time in "blue". They called it "Rabbit Season." That was enough to send me scrambling to the Hive to recoup. Hopefully that will never happen to you...but if it does, you'll handle it just like you handled bad days in the Hive...with brains, strength and a whole lot of intestinal fortitude! Like Meanie said..."You got this!"

    I can't resist sharing my verification word. It's helat and is found in the Redneck Dictionary..."Helat seemed like a good idea at the time..."

  4. Is sitting at my computer reading blogs procrastinating? I had to look up "Another Look Unlimited" Day. Seems I already do this, so cool!

  5. You have enough knowledge there that you could help in a pinch. No the only thing left for you is to hold onto your confidence. Be sure of yourself and what you do. Once you start that you won't be stopped by anyone asking what happened. Instead they will only say, "Wow that worked great." I think that you have a great hold on what needs to be done, with the limited access that you have, and can hold your own. Keep your head up.

    uncyt--abbreviated version of Uncover your Tail.

  6. Once again I have to give ya props for a job well done. If I didn't have faith in you you wouldn't see me leaving the Hexagon and I'd be looking over your shoulder constantly.
    My veri word was "hotsesse". It's French and I'm sure you can imagine it's meaning.

  7. Now THAT'S one relaxed looking cat.

    The captcha is: "surgumpa" I don't know what it means, but I love the way it sounds.

  8. Counting seems like one of those things anyone could do. I know it's a whole procedure and stuff, but it still sounds funny to read that "the count was off." Next time take off your shoes :)

  9. FlyinMonkey- There you go, trying to jinx me. If the world came to an end and they did promote me, I figure i would either end up in the Fishbowl or down in the Hive. Yikes!
    Instrou... I need to write that one down!

    Joe- And nobody gives them like Peggy Sue! Hers are the best!

    Peggy Sue- You always make my day when you stop by. I've been doing tolerably well up there. I haven't screwed anything up so bad we couldn't fix it... yet. But I keep waiting for the hammer to fall..

    Lolamouse- If you went ahead and read the blogs it's not procrastinating. If you put them off til later for something even easier, then it is.

    Phoenix Tears- I have a loose grip on the process. I think I could pinch-hit if I had to right now if nothing too out of the ordinary happened. Having Miz Twang to backstop my confidence has been helping lots. Of course she would tell me I was doing great even if the desk was on fire.
    And I'm keeping my hiney covered, thank you. Tails are for ponies.

    Puddle- I'm glad you are confident enough to leave and not be afraid I'll screw it up. I always get a little nervous when you leave but I am learning to stand, I think. I'm trying, anyway.

    Bryan- Cats can look so comfy. And I like the sound of that word, too! Surgumpa!

    Doug- I wish it were just straight forward like that. Of course it would help if I had 2,629 toes!

  10. Vinnie- I was beginning to wonder if you had moved away or something. Get yer buns back to work, boy!