Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lost In The Crowd

Let's all pretend that this is a kind of
neat "Where's Waldo?" picture,
shall we?

For some reason blogger isn't letting me post pictures. After several tries with different pics, I gave up. It was just pissing me off.

It seems that the inmates have decided that 9:00pm is the perfect time to fight. This was the second night in a row.

They used to fight right after the yard opened. We figured if we got past the first 15 minutes of open yard without a fight, we were going to have a good night. Now apparently it's 9:00pm. I don't know why.

Grasshopper had offered to do the radio check for me so I was sitting out of the way doing up my count sheet. He'd just gotten through calling the Lieutenants when:

"10-49! 10-49! Housing Unit six!!"

I'll have to admit he handled it better than I did. Outwardly, anyway. He called it very calmly then looked at me and said "Do I keep on with the radio check?"

I told him it would be best to wait until they cleared it.

So they cleared the fight and we went on with our business. Grasshopper finished the radio check. I left a space on my count sheet, figuring I would be getting a call from the Hive that they got two fighters from 6 house and I didn't want to have to erase a bunch of numbers.

I got my sheet ready and I had the lockup board ready to write down the names and I waited.

And waited. And waited....

Finally at 9:45, right before count, I called 6 house. KP answered. I said "I guess we aren't going to move those guys before count, eh?"

"We aren't locking anybody up."

"Say what?"

"I lost them in the crowd and we don't know who they are. They'll have to review the tapes and the Captains can't do that any more. They'll have to do it tomorrow."

"Really. Well..... Humph. Okey dokey, then! Thanks!"

And that is just a sad state of affairs. They spent a bazillion dollars to have this camera system installed but because some of the supervisors couldn't resist playing Gawd as Micro-manager with it, they no longer have any access to it.

We would have to get somebody to come in and access the system even if we were trying to find out who assaulted one of us, let alone an inmate.

Sometimes I'm amazed that they still let us come inside the fence at all.

Garrf! Don't get me started. I'd end up here all night, ranting and raving.

Ah, well. from the looks of things they are giving me a week away from the fishbowl next week. I'm not scheduled to be up there once. That will be kind of nice. I can take a break and do some normal CO things and maybe even respond to something if anything happens instead of just gnashing my teeth and beating myself in the head with the phone.

But schedules around here have a mysterious way of changing suddenly. Have to wait and see, I guess.

Wednesday will be National Creme Filled Donut Day. And apparently that is important enough to be the solo holiday.

Works for me....


  1. That sounds like a good week! Hope you spend a day or two with us in the House of Four. I am sure my guys are tired of hearing about the upcoming zombie masses that we will have to do battle with so need someone new to talk to hahaha! Pulled a muscle in my back so been out of commishion for the past couple days. Will be back tomorrow though, even if I have to walk around like an old man.

  2. FlyinMonkey- Dang. Hope you get better soon. Somebody has to keep Duck and Miz Fawkes in line! They are getting out of hand down there!

  3. It's amazing how many tool, equipment, parts, and what-not at my work that they keep locked up in the front office. On more than one occasion, we've had to shut an entire job down just because the part we needed was in the office, and no one could get to it till morning. I have no idea why they do it.

  4. Bryan- It kills me how much time we lose looking for the keys to something that somebody else has locked up somewhere. They trust us less than they do the inmates.