Saturday, November 17, 2012

Takin' The Night Off

Had a good night.  Taking it off to work on chainmail and watch a few episodes of "Bleach."

See ya tomorrow!


  1. You deserve a night off to work on your chain mail. (sorry for writing it separated, but my silly spell thingy just divides it up and I'm too lazy to change it) Is it getting close to being finished?

    I'm so busy playing dress up with my blog that I'm not getting much else done...really need to get a life, or a grip, or another gin! Okay, gin it is!

    Have a great night off!

    1. Jenny Lou- I had to force mine to make it one word. I'm kinda sticky like that. If I work on it like I have been, I figure I have about nine days more work to finish the tunic. Probably closer to two weeks at best, barring any accidents.

      Have one for me! (grin)

  2. I hope "Bleach" is a real show and not your way of writing a suicide note.

    I could almost see you telling someone, "Hey buddy, why don't you go watch a few episodes of Bleach!" Sounds like a very Rev thing to say, does it not?

    1. Bryan The Squirrel- It's an anime that Watcher got me interested in. I'm beginning to think he might be a bad influence.

      That does sound like something I'd say doesn't it? Yeah.....