Sunday, November 25, 2012

7 Hours Of Nothing, 1 Hour Of "Oh Snap!"

Just another one of those nights.  St Francis, Mr Peepers and I sat in the shack most of the night and did nothing until right before count time.

Then we had a fight in 7 house, a Code 16 (medical emergency) in 30 house and locked one up for interfering with count from 9 house all at the same time.  How we managed to get everything done and had count on time, I will never exactly be sure.  But we did it.

Fortunately I was next door in 8 house delivering something when they called the fight.  I don't really remember turning and running there.  I was just suddenly in 7 house breathing heavily as they cuffed both guys up.  And I found out later that Mr Peepers and St Francis were both in 6 house when the call came.

St Francis turned going out the door and went to run across the yard and flew head over heels when he tripped on a shrub or something.  Mr Peepers said he saw him turning cartwheels and wondered what he was doing.

Luckily, he didn't get hurt.  But I'll bet he's going to be sore in the morning.

I only really put in about an hours worth of work tonight, but I earned my keep.
No doubt about that.

Now, where's that bottle of Tylenol?


  1. So...I'm going to share a thought. (bearing in mind I'm on the low end of my thought quota, so sharing any is risky, but I'm going for it)

    I've been pondering this "count" issue and I think I've come up with a solution.

    First, every inmate gets a sensor implanted (many options as to where).

    Next, the US govt spends billions to have each prison outfitted with scanners all over the prison; in Houses, in the Yard, everywhere. These scanners are linked to a really awesome computer system (which has a complementary version of World of Warcraft for staff). the time of day when "count" is normally done, an alarm resonates around the prison and for ten seconds everyone stands still while the scanners do a quick head count and forward the info to that awesome computer.

    There on the screen would be a visual, of all the little dots (aka chips) showing the whereabouts of every nit in the joint and, of course, the count total.

    And...the scanners would be highly sensitive to the slightest movement; every nit in the joint would know that if they moved they'd get a little "jolt" which would incapacitate them for the 10 second head count.

    Yup...I agree, it's a really good thought, and definitely worth sharing! (see, I'm already thinking you gotta see the value to this system and are nodding your head in agreement) *crazy grin!*

    PS: I can't take credit for this awesome thought...really, I'm nursing a head cold and it could be the Tylenol's doing! Just saying!

    1. Jenny Lou- I love the idea. Unfortunately some bleeding heart fuzzy-wuzzy type would cry and weep over their loss of rights....

      They never consider our rights though, do they?

      get feeling better!

  2. Poor St. Francis & that bad hip of his. I hope he really is all right.

    Marie Laveau's Ghost
    St. Louis Cemetery
    New Orleans, Louisiana

    Last night I was trying to find Lucky (my 3 legged dog) in the fog. When I collided head-on with the cemetery guard. I smiled & said "oops", but my black capped tooth must have frightened him. Because he slugged me in my mojo bone & peppered sprayed Mocca-Sin (the snake that lives in my hair).
    Long story short....
    Due to a previous injury, Sin only has that one good eye. And with so much pepper spray in it, I'm concerned my snake may go blind.
    Being that you're a pepper spray expert, I'm hoping you might know how to heal it. I'll pay you. I have some gold hidden in my hollow log back in the swamp. Want me to show you where? Eeeeeeeeee Ow

    (How was that for creepy?)
    All done teasing you now.

    1. Marie's Ghost- He seemed to be walking okay today. He's a pretty tough guy. I'm pretty glad that he didn't get hurt.

      As far as your snake goes, the only cure is lots and lots and lots and lots of cool water. And then more later, because the stuff will wake up again, trust me. Been there done that.

  3. Replies
    1. Bryan- It was at least the Marvin Hagler of shrubs.