Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sgt Rev And The Blustery Day

It was indeed a blustery day here in the hundred acre wood..... I mean Raccoon City.  Sunny and warm for the most part, but extremely windy.  Gusts up around 30-35 miles per hour.

Of course wind like that makes my hearing aids completely useless.  All I hear is the wind.  So I haven't worn them for a couple of days.

The gusts kept setting off the fence zones, so the Control Center was calling out zones for the P-car to check every thirty seconds or so.  At least it kept them busy.  But it did clog up the radio traffic.

At one point while I was crossing the yard in the cart it blew my cigarette right out of my mouth.  Just "poof!" gone.  I just said "Really?  Dang."  And went on.

One of the things we tend to notice out on the yard is sudden movement.  Anybody or anything moving at faster than a walking pace tends to get our attention immediately.  With all of the leaves and trash and stuff blowing around it was giving me a sore neck every time something caught my eye.

"Wha....... leaves."

"Whoop.... trash bag."

"Hey.... somebody's hat."

"What the.... Ow!"  Got hit in the eye with a leaf.  Man, those things got pointy edges!  Snap!

I had Little J out on the yard and at one point I pictured him flying like Piglet at the end of a string.  That gave me the giggles.  And I never did tell him what I was laughing about.

Hey, at least nobody's house blew down.

That's a plus.


  1. You have the funniest experiences...It's good to read that you see the humour in situations that could otherwise be worrisome.

    I have my own kite...but somehow I just don't think it holds a candle to yours. *grin*

    1. Jenny- I try to look on the bright side of working in this awful place. Amazingly enough it has one now and then!

  2. And it's not even Winds Day. *hee hee*

    Seriously, where's my honey?

  3. Seem to remember moms stories of trying to teach you to pronounce your Ells. According to her they were "Weaves" until you were almost 6.

    1. Critter- And I couldn't pronounce my x's until I was fifteen! (grin)