Monday, November 12, 2012

Cold And Wet

Woof!  Today was just as blustery as yesterday but with a seriously cold rain added into the mix.  It went from warm and blustery to cold and bliskery in no time flat.

Some of the rain fell straight down but a lot of the time it was blowing sideways.  And right before chow the wind shifted another direction and the temp dropped about ten degrees in about five minutes.  Yikes!

Finally got to get some use out of those rain pants I bought last year.  I didn't stay completely dry, but I ended up considerably less wet that I would have been without them.  They helped my feet end up just a little wet rather than soaked like everyone else's.  That is a very good thing.

I didn't wear the big hat to work and I almost wish I had.  It would have kept some of the rain off of my glasses.  That made driving around in the cart pretty hazardous.  Rain on my specs.  Rain on the windshield.  Couldn't see snit.

I'd be cruising down the walk and say "Is anybody in front of us?"
"Am I still on the walk?"
"Good.  Lemme know if I'm gonna hit something."

Since the evenings are now all controlled movements, the offenders aren't allowed to run on the sidewalks.  But since it was cold and raining there was always at least one who would take off running.  I'd wait until they ran a good distance then yell "Hey!  Get over here!"
He'd look all bummed out and walk over to where I was, which was usually in the opposite direction of where he was running to.

"Where are you going?"
"To the gym."
"Why are you running on my walk?  It's called a walk for a reason!"
"I was getting all wet!" he'd say as he was standing there getting wetter.
"Turn around and walk or go back to your house.  Don't let me catch you again."

But by then I'd accomplished my mission.  He wasn't the first one to the gym like he'd hoped and now he was all wet.

My work here is through...

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