Friday, November 30, 2012

Snidely Freaking Whiplash....

Just about the time I was thinking of giving this blog a rest for awhile...

I've been getting a little burned out and unimpressed with my writing skills of late and the pressure to come up with something five days a week is becoming burdensome...

Then this comes along and I can't resist.

Right after I got to 7 house this evening Captain Rogaine calls me and says "We got a report that an offender in your house has made a six foot bull whip and has been beating other offenders with it."

Wait... what?

He says "Find it and let me know."

So we did.  And sure enough, he did.

It wasn't six foot.  Maybe more like 5'6" and made out of those big poofy mop strings braided together.  It might make a pop if you swung it just right but I seriously doubt he could actually "whip" anybody with it.

But the idiot made it and had it in his cell and didn't even really hide it so we locked him up for contraband and confiscated his whip.

And on his way out this evening, Sgt Major stops by the Comm room and says to my wife "Did you hear that your husband locked up Snidely Whiplash?"

I tell ya.  I get no respect around here.....


  1. So that makes you Dudley Do-Right, right!

  2. Jenny Lou- I just knew somebody was going to say that....

  3. Darn, I already have his christmas present boxed. Now it's to late to find any Dudley stuff.

  4. I thought I left a comment here. I must have gotten distracted.