Saturday, March 17, 2012

When It Rains....

Just a quick note then I'm off to bed. It's been a busy day but most of that was before work. Did alot of running around and was almost late. I hate being late. That sort of made me grouchy.

Had a pretty good storm blow through this evening. Lots of tarantula downpours. Lightning, wind and hail.

That hail is what usually makes me nervous. Especially when it's almost 80 degrees outside. That means there's a good chance there might be a tornado somewhere.

It was bad enough that we held up all movement everywhere until it blew past.

During the course of that I discovered that there are places in 10 house that rain almost as much inside as it did out. The one I mentioned before, right in front of my office door is one of them. The office right next to mine is the other.

I poured five trash cans full of water out of the window during the course of the storm. Small desk sized trash cans, not the big outside ones. But, still.

Later on I had Meatball send me a couple of volunteers with mops to clean up the mess. They did a fine job without griping (which is always a plus) and hopefully kept some of the water from leaking down into the offices down stairs.

I didn't check all of the offices, because I haven't yet figured out which keys are which. So if they want me to check them they better tell me in advance. I'm not carrying 30 sets of keys around. Especially in a dang thunderstorm.

Anyway, I'm beat and I'm toddling off to bed.

Y'all be good, now!

Sunday is going to be Supreme Sacrifice Day (Oh lawsy, I hope not), Awkward Moments Day, Forgive Mom and Dad Day and Oatmeal Cookie Day.

But I will sacrifice one of the Supremes, if I'm forced to.


  1. I was in that office one stormy night on the night shift when a 10-49 (fight) in 9 house got called on the radio. I took off running to respond and hit a big puddle of water right in front of the door and slipped and landed flat on my butt.

    1. BK- I've almost bit it a few times there myself. Water and a waxed stone floor don't mix well!

  2. Nice to see the "tarantula downpour" making another appearance.

    1. Bryan- Most people don't even notice that when I say it aloud. I guess they're just used to me saying odd things.