Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Almost Had To Do Something

Jeez... This whole Sergeant gig is making me lazy.

Aside from the fact that I spent an entire week sitting in class and eating two meals a day as opposed to my usual one, now I have people who do the things I'm used to doing and it's making me crazy.

If I want to do something myself I have to jump in there and do it quick before someone else does it for me.

When I work 25 house one of the first things that needs to happen is the 25 yard inner perimeter check or "IP" as we call it. You check the fences and all of the doors and gates and make sure everything is secure. It's not a bad little walk and it gets your blood moving first thing on shift.

I was going to go ahead and get it done while everyone was getting settled in their wings. But before I even got my stuff set down in the office Miz Fawkes and Miz Slim both started out in different directions and took care of it.

I know... I know... It's their job. I was just trying to be nice and help out. Miz Slim is always so on top of things there that I rarely get a chance to do anything more than count. But sometimes it's a little frustrating. I am still so used to being the guy that does the stuff.

That is hard to get used to.

I did get to make a call earlier in the evening, though. Our ice machines in the house broke down and the offenders had no ice in the wings.

I know... Poor darlings, right? But it is hot in those wings and we try to make sure they have ice available when we can.

Someone had said when that happened last year we took some offenders all the way up to 1 house and got ice from there. heck, that's half the way across the camp? Why not......

I called Main Production and said "Hey, can we come and get ice right before you shut down for the night? That way you have all night for the machines to fill back up again." To which they replied "Hey, no problem!" And Main Production is only about fifty yards away from here, rather than a quarter of a mile.

Then I called the Lt and told him what we were doing and why. They kind of appreciate it when we call them with solutions rather than problems.

So... problem solved. Was that so hard?

Is this what I'm here for? Really?

Okey dokey, then.

If you need me for anything further I'll be out walking laps around the building.

Saturday is going to be Festival Of Life In The Cracks Day, The International Day of Awesomeness, Fanny Pack Day and National Blueberry Popover Day.

I'm all up into Awesomeness. And Blueberry Popovers, too!

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