Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Got Who???

Ever since I got promoted I've been wondering who I was going to end up as "mine". If you are a regular housing unit Sergeant you have the people that work for you in that house. If you are the yard Sergeant you end up with your yard dawgs and a few extra people, like medical and food service, etc.

If you are a "relief" Sergeant like me and Archer and Banty, then you get all of the utility officers.

Things have been kind of up in the air with who we were going to get. Most of my people actually got assigned to someone else for the annual rating fiasco, which was fine with me. Poor Watcher got stuck with a bunch of midnight shift people who he never worked with and will play hob trying to catch up with to get them to sign their ratings.

Since I didn't get assigned anybody, I thought I got off pretty easy. But I kept on checking now and then just to make sure they didn't sneak anybody in on me at the last minute.

Bloody good thing I kept checking.

Tonight was my first night back at work and, as usual, I logged into the computer just to make sure my list was still empty.

To my immense surprise there were two names on my list of employees!

I looked at the names.

And then I looked at them again.

And I thought some.

And I looked at them again.

Finally I admitted defeat and said "Who the frack is that???"

I had absolutely no idea who these guys were.

Poking around in other places in the computer I found the orders placing them on third shift and making me their supervisor. Another file in a completely different program told me that they had transferred over from the camp up the road at the end of last month while I was out in training.

And one of them apparently hasn't had his annual rating completed yet. I'm guessing that since he was transferring whoever his last supervisor was just said "Frack it. Let them do it when he gets there." That's just typical.

I passed my questions about that to Lt baby Boy and he said he would ask the ladies in Personnel what his status was.

If I have to rate him for the year I hope he wasn't a complete screw up or a golden boy. Because either way he's going to end up getting straight 5's down the page. Just average. You passed. I don't even have a file I could look at. This guy is a blank page to me.

And I'm sure if I tried to call the prison up the road to get some input that I would get nothing. Nothing that would benefit my evaluation, anyway. And I couldn't base my evaluation on hearsay so it wouldn't do me any good to call.

What a joke, right?

What in the snap was I thinking??? I could have been happy.... Ah, well.

Monday is going to be Multiple Personalities Day, Casimir Pulaski Day, Fun Facts About Names Day and National Cheese Doodle Day.

And all of my personalities will have orange fingers....


  1. How exactly does on play hob? Is there some sort of rackets or regulation equipment involved? It sounds English. Maybe Vincent knows ;D

    1. Dang it! I noticed that typo just I was hitting the publish button. I tried to sneak the "e" in there, but Blogger wasn't having it.

    2. Bryan- Exactly like that. Played hob with your snappy reply, didn't it? (grin)

  2. YAY! A day I can be me and not have any flack for it...unless...dum dum daaaaa!

    1. Scott- I suspect they were thinking of you when they named the day.