Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gotta Stay Flexible

Working in a prison can really test your mettle sometimes. Whatever the frack "mettle" may be.

Some things are set in stone and treated like they were Commandments handed down from the mount, eternal and unaltered for all time.

Then you come in after your days off and find they have changed everything.

To survive at this job you have to learn to go with the flow or you might get swept away.

Sometimes I get a little resistant to change and sometimes I don't mind it. Depends on my mood, I guess.

I have heard about some of the things going on down in the Hive which I don't like at all. Especially dealing with rec, which is what I used to do. In my mind, it's going to get someone off in a wreck and possibly hurt if they are not extremely careful.

And some of these things we had tried in the past and found out later that they were not so good of an idea, after all. But when I voice my concerns nobody listens. So all I can say is "Watch your a*s and cover your butt and be careful." It's the best I can do, I suppose.

But an occasional change-up isn't a bad break now and then. I got to start work early today and relieve one of the day shift Sergeants for an hour so he could go home. So I got to work a house I don't get to see anymore. Talk to different people for awhile. That was nice.

And since I started early they gave me the choice of getting an hour of overtime or going home an hour early. Since there was nothing going on in 25 house tonight I took the option and burnt out an hour earlier than usual.

That was a nice change of pace.

And it was a good thing that i was in a mellow and flexible mood, because I got stuck listening to Tilt tell these two long interminable and ridiculous jokes. They were horrible. And way too long to tell here.

Even though I was sorely tempted to smack that grin off of his face or travel back in time and drown him at birth both times when he was done I just turned and walked away, shaking my head.

He was lucky I'm so easy to get along with. I'm just saying.....

So Sunday is going to be Pecan Day and Waffle Day (and I'm assuming pecan waffle day as well), Old New Years Day (really?), Slave Trade Day (umm... what?) and Tolkien Reading Day (sweet!).

More pecan waffles over here, please!


  1. It's the same at the paper. Go with the flow or get hypertension resisting change.

  2. um, can't be easy - a philosopher on the "Front Line".

    have no solutions after many years - can't, these days, convince others .. just hang about.

    However, Cheers and best wishes. Love your humourous slant.

  3. Joe-Sometimes ya just gotta say "What the snap" right?

    Bryan- Did you bring enough to share with everybody?

    Davoh- Welcome. And thanks for visiting. Come back anytime.