Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just Imagining Things

I've written before about how this place is haunted. And it is. I've seen things.

I mean, how could you build a prison on the grounds of an abandoned mental hospital and expect it to NOT be haunted for criminy sakes? That's like throwing a sponge in a swamp and expecting it not to get wet. Don't be thick.

Some of the original buildings are well over 100 years old. And they are heated with steam, and you know how noisy that gets. The pipes clang and clonk and move around on their own all the time. It is never quiet, especially when the heat is running.

So I went down into the 10 house basement the other night, looking for something. I don't remember exactly what it was but I remember not finding it. I'd looked around some down there before but hadn't covered the whole place so i decided I'd go ahead and poke around and see what all was down there.

What it was, was junk, for the most part. Broken furniture and leftover stuff. Three whole rooms full of old files from years past, mouldering away in dozens of filing cabinets and probably being dined on by small paper eating critters. Bathrooms with all of the fixtures removed and used somewhere else.

I'd covered north wing and it was uneventful and I found my way into south wing. When I first opened the door I heard a noise like a piece of paper falling to the floor. I looked where it sounded like it came from and saw nothing.

Going from room to room I saw nothing (but more junk) but hear that same noise several more times, each time it got on my nerves just a little bit more. And each time I looked into the room that it sounded like it came out of, there was nothing.

By the time I had made my circuit of the wing and went back out the door the hair on the back of my neck was standing up and every time I heard that stupid noise I was ready to jump out of my skin.

I finally locked the door behind me and gave a shiver of relief.

I know it was just my imagination messing with me.

Even so, I don't think I'll be going down there again any time soon.

Frack That.

On a lighter note:
Wednesday will be Buddhist Day, Fragrance Day, Memory Day, Common Courtesy Day and National French Bread Day.

Thursday will be National Goof-off Day, As Young As You Feel Day, World Water Day and Coq Au Vin Day.

And Friday of course will be National Organize Your Home Office Day and National Chip and Dip Day as well as National Puppy Day and Near Miss Day and National Melba Toast Day.

Many excellent reasons to celebrate. Go wild!


  1. I enjoyed Buddhist Day...thank you for adding it to the list. I did end it though with "two-finger's" worth of Bombay and...yes, the dreaded olives.

    I like the bit about the sponge...now it could be that it's late...but somehow that just caught my funny bone. Whether you want to believe it or not...that place is haunted...but the the steam always takes the heat!
    (man, I'm on a roll tonight...)

    Good god, I just looked at the time...so much for a good helping of "beauty" sleep tonight.

  2. I love poking around old, creepy places looking at junk. I also like hanging out at graveyards. But that's just me-I'm strange.

    Guess I should go organize my home office now. Ha!

  3. Jenny- De nada, chica. I'm sure if you celebrated moderately, your chakras will still be in line! The sponge line was the best one I'd come up with in weeks.... **sigh**

  4. Lolamouse- If you weren't odd to begin with, you wouldn't be hanging out here! It's a given!

  5. I've been watching this TV show called Supernatural, and in the first season they have an episode where they go into an abandoned mental asylum and that place is freakin haunted. So yeah, I read this post and looked over my shoulder a few time. *shudder*