Friday, March 16, 2012


So I'm scheduled to work 25 house today. It's my day to be there. I'm just hanging around outside central kickin' rocks waiting for time to go to my house, as I always show up early.

About 3:00 Lt Sienna calls me and says "We need you to go to 10 house. One wing is locked down on tight house and we need a Sergeant over there to deal with it."

Okay, that's a big deal. "Tight House" is when they make all of the offenders sit in chairs in the dayroom all day long. Not talking. Not playing games or walking around. They get brown bag dinners and eat right there. Only one offender at a time can get up and go to the bathroom.

That's kind of a last resort sort of thing and they don't use it very often. It was explained to me that someone punched a hole in one of the classroom walls and nobody would 'fess up to the act.

When I get there I find out it's only D-wing South and they are not on tight house. They are on wing restriction. So, no day room. No microwave. No teevee. No phones.

And the reason for that is somebody poked a small hole in a brand new dry erase board that they just put up in one of the classrooms. A dent about a quarter of an inch across.

And Rolly showed me how it probably happened. He brought in the barbers box on it's cart, opened the lid and pushed it over by the board, right where they cut hair in the evenings. The corner of the box lid fits right into the dent in the board.

So somebody cutting hair bumped the box, which hit the board and put a dent in it. Most likely an accident. And most likely, whoever did it didn't even notice it.

When Rolly showed that to the caseworker, she just sniffed and said "I made my decision." and left for the weekend, leaving us to deal with it. So sixty inmates have to sit in their wing all weekend getting bored and pissed off because she was not adult enough to admit that she might be wrong.

And because they are going to have to sit there for three days getting bored and pissed off it's real likely that some one or two or several of them are going to cause some problems. And also considering that most of the staff in 10 house are in our 40's and 50's (or older) there's a good chance that one or more of us could get hurt.

All because someone got in a snit.

Since they decided that it was important enough to pull me out of my house because we "have" to have a Sergeant in the house, I waited for my relief who never showed up.

I guess it was only important enough on our shift. And I'm pulled out and down there again tomorrow.

I think I'll complain. It won't do any good, but I'll complain nonetheless.

So Saturday is going to be Submarine Day, International Astrology Day, Camp Fire Girls Day and Corn Dog Day.

Mmmm... corn dogs. With mustard. Yum!


  1. "Tight House" sounds like the after school detentions I used to have back in high school.

    1. Reply- But at least after you were through with detention you got to go home, right?

  2. It is funny what some people at work find important. Like when a person will get angry with an inmate because he has headphones on in the sallyport but doesn't notice the new tattoo on their arm haha.

    1. TJ- It's amazing what some people here get up their bustles, isn't it?

  3. Do they not teach the people in charge to think before they make decisions?

    1. Chanel- I say the same thing about them I say about us: If they were real smart, they'd have real jobs.