Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bolstering My Immune System

After the rainy cold soaking wet night last night I stopped on my way home and bought me a box of this Emergen-C Immune Plus System Booster.

It claims to be able to ward off colds and I figured it couldn't hurt to give it a try.

Good thing I didn't drink one last night before I went to bed. The vitamins alone would have given me wild dreams. But the B-Complex stuff had me buzzy like an overly large hummingbird. About the equivalent of a pot of coffee, I'm thinking.

I was in 4 house with Sgt Duck and Ms Trees and Moon. It had been going pretty well. I hadn't done much of anything other than hand out mail and count. Ms Trees did most of the stuff and kept telling me "Sit down. Take a break. I'll do it!"

Hey, I could do that.

There was a lot of traffic going over the radio and something happening down in the sally port but since nobody was excited or calling my name, I paid little attention. Then about 7:30 Sgt Duck gets a call and after he hangs up he points at me and says "You are going to the P-car."

Aww, snap.

It turns out that Grasshopper had tried to turn the P-car around down by sallyport #3 and wasn't paying attention. He dropped a tire over the edge of the culvert and hung the car up on the stump of an ex telephone pole sticking up out of the concrete. They couldn't just pull it out because the stump would have ripped the front end of the car off. They had to leave it there for the time being.

So I got in the jeep and went down and got the shotgun and ammo from Grasshopper (now officially dubbed "stumpy") and drove around for awhile, watching the fences. They pulled Stumpy inside to get reamed out by Capt Fluffy and pee in a bottle (because he had an accident with a state vehicle and it's required) and do paperwork.

An hour later I switched out with Model A and spent the last two hours of my shift wandering around the sally port by myself.

What a wonderful way to spend the evening. But what the hey. It's my Friday.

Just as a ridiculous side note: While I was down in the sally port shack looking for something to read, I came across a copy of the local paper. On the back was an ad for some pharmacy touting their medical equipment rentals. trying to drum up business for those C-Pap machines that are getting so popular.

In a big banner at the top of the ad it states "There's also some evidence that heart failure leads to sleep apnea."

Yeah, I suppose being dead would make you breathe funny. Do you think they got something backwards there?

So here's the lineup for the weekend. Saturday is National Pistachio Day. Yum!

Sunday is International Polar Bear Day. Okey dokey. Somebody else can have mine thanks. I'm full.

And Monday is Public Sleeping Day.

Public Sleeping Day.

Even when I say it twice it doesn't make any sense. What twit thought that one up? Good gravy.....


  1. Shouldda been at work this morning. We had a real code 70 in 30. No real damage, but we had to keep them up at Rec for the entire morning.

  2. I'm tired this morning. I was going to drink an extra cup of coffee and try to pull myself out of it, but now I think I'll just put a blanket over a pallet in the warehouse. Public Sleep Day!

  3. Drew- That's always fun. It's a real good dang thing most of the buildings are made of bricks or the whole place would have burnt down years ago.

    Doug- I used to work in a seldom visited warehouse. One of the things we had there were hundreds of mattresses. I got some of the best sleep of my life on the clock there...